5 Natural Health Tips for Women

5 Natural Health Tips for Women

5 Natural Health Tips for Women

Egg health

Getting pregnant can be frustrating when it isn’t happening as easily as planned. Egg health could be one of the many reasons you could be dealing with a difficult pregnancy. There are many factors to support egg health including blood circulation, hormonal balance and stress. Exercise can improve blood and oxygen flow such as tai chi, chi kung, yoga, running or simply going on a brisk walk at least three times a week. Ask a massage therapist about increasing blood flow to the reproductive system with abdominal massage. Stress can also dysregulate hormone balance and impact egg health. It’s important to find ways to relieve stress naturally with methods such as meditation practices, deep breathing techniques and acupuncture. Nourishing the body with a whole food diet and whole food supplementation will also be necessity to ensure fertility.

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Hormonal balance

Weight gain, fatigue, skin problems, infertility, PMS, heavy menses can be signs of hormonal imbalances. Hormones are an important part to the body’s growth and development, mood, reproduction and metabolism. To keep your body in balance, avoid high omega-6 polyunsaturated fats that are found in vegetable oils. Cut down your caffeine intake. Excess caffeine can have a negative impact on the endocrine system responsible for hormone production. Most importantly, make sure to get a sufficient amount of sleep each night. When the body does not get enough rest, hormones cannot regulate well. Sleep time is also healing time. Waking up tired is a sure sign of needing more sleep. 8 hours of sleep is a minimum. Some may need as much as 10 hours of sleep per night especially when chronic health issues as present.

If you have concerns about fertility complete the Fertility Questionnaire and then call the clinic to set up a consultation and evaluation.

Breast health

There are many reasons including genetics and environmental aspects that have a higher risk of breast cancer for some women. Research has shown that keeping a diet of fresh, unprocessed foods can help the health of breast tissue. Chemical exposure from foods as well as other environmental factors have been shown to be elevated in women who have breast cancer. Foods to eliminate from your diet include highly processed foods which often contain chemical additives and preservatives. Processed foods tend to be fortified with low quality vitamins that were stripped out in the process. Less processed means more nutritious. Shift your diet to whole foods in their natural form such as fresh produce and high quality organic meats. Foods that are packed with antioxidants such as berries can help lower your risk of breast cancer.

Ask about taking our Toxicity Questionnaire at the clinic to see if toxins are a concern.


Many women feel their metabolism has slowed over the years, making it harder to break down and burn calories and fat. Try adding more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet such as salmon and tuna. Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to help regulate blood sugar and lower inflammation, which can then improve metabolic function. Increasing strength training can also help give the metabolism a boost. The more muscle you have, the more your resting metabolism will increase to burn fat. For level energy throughout the day don’t skip meals. Eating breakfast, an often skipped meal, has been shown to give your metabolism a jump start for the day compared to eating your first meal later in the day. Switch from a high-carb breakfast (bagels, toast, muffins, donuts) to high nutrient-dense meals based on protein, fat and veggies such as a veggie omelet.

Immune health

Don’t let the cold and flu season get you down this year. There are many natural ways to boost your immune system to prevent illness and to improve energy levels. Assess your stress levels and take action if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Spend some time practicing deep breathing or finding an activity that you find relaxing. Try adding in more garlic and ginger to your diet. These natural ingredients contain properties that help boost the immune system and lower cold and flu symptoms. Additional not well known supplementation can be highly supportive to the immune system such as fish oil, probiotics/fermented foods, calcium lactate with magnesium citrate.






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