Alternative Therapies for Arthritis

6 Alternative Therapies for Arthritis

Here are 6 Alternative Therapies for Arthritis

1. Acupuncture

One of the most common reasons people seek out acupuncture is for arthritis relief. acupuncture can help relieve pain from arthritis and increase blood flow and circulation, reducing inflammation. Through the specific placement of needles on acupuncture points on the body, acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal promoting circulation, reducing inflammation and decreasing pain.

2. Exercise

For those with arthritis, exercise, no matter how little you do, is one of the best natural treatments. For those with severe arthritis, even the smallest amount of walking can make a difference. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for those with arthritis because it puts the least amount of impact on the joints. Strengthening exercises are also recommended to keep muscles and joints strong.

3. Capsaicin Cream

Made from the chemical that gives chili peppers their heat, Capsaicin cream has been known to relieve arthritis pain. The cream works by decreasing the body’s pain receptors and as a result, lessening the overall pain caused by arthritis. The cream can be bought without a prescription at your local drug store.

4. Fish Oil

Fish oil is beneficial for numerous reasons, one of them being its anti-inflammatory properties. Because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, trials have found that the oil can reduce morning stiffness and the need for pain medication for those with arthritis. Fish oil is a supplement that is safe and recommended to take every day for the most beneficial effects. Wild Alaskan Salmon is one of the better choices rich in omega-3 oils.

5. Mind-Body

Mind-body techniques like meditation, chi kung and tai chi have been seen to improve overall quality of life for those with arthritis. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that involves slow, easy, meditative movements along with deep breathing. This exercise can improve the body’s motion and physical fitness without being too demanding on the joints and muscles. Tai Chi is based on Chi Kung health-rejuvenating principles that promotes the circulation of qi (vital life force / energy) through the body to optimize health. Meditation and relaxation techniques have been found to improve mood and health in arthritis patients dealing with chronic pain.

6. Diet

Studies have shown that some patients benefit from changes in their diet by eliminating food that may contribute to their arthritis pain. Overall inflammation can be reduced by removing allergens from the diet. Common diets that have been seen to be beneficial include a Mediterranean diet rich in nuts, fish, vegetables, fruit and olive oil. Foods that are not recommended include red meat, dairy, excess sweets and high-carb meals like pasta, potatoes and bread as those can cause inflammatory reactions.





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