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6 Tips to Maximize Digestive Health

Maximize Digestive Health – All Natural Solutions for Health and Healing

There’s much talk about eating more natural whole foods that are nutrient-dense but your ability to digest and break down foods to absorb the necessary nutrients is even more important.

Ask your self these questions…

  • As you get older have you notice you can’t eat the way you did when you were younger?
  • Have you learned to avoid certain foods that give you digestive trouble?
  • Do you experience any of the following: tiredness after eating, bloating, belching, diarrhea, heartburn, gas, constipation?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you probably have weak digestion which will effect your overall health. Maximizing digestion will not only help you feel better but it can put you on a more supportive path to greater wellness and for other health issues you are struggling with – this is about true prevention and health care.

Many chronic issues such as skin problems, chronic pain, asthma and allergies, to name a few, show improvement when an emphasis is placed on maximizing digestion.

Here are 6 important health tips to support your digestion

#1 Consciously Chew Your Food Until You Can Drink It / Mix Well With Saliva

Instead of shoving it down and moving on, try slowing down and being more conscious about eating. Chewing more takes the burden off of the rest of the digestive process making it easier for the food mass to pass through the stomach and intestines. Chew your food until it turns to liquid before swallowing. Saliva contains amylase, a digestive enzyme that begins carbohydrate digestion. Also mixing your food well with saliva helps to lubricate the food mass helping it to slide along better. Drinking liquids to wash your food down is not recommended. You can dilute your stomach acids and weaken your digestive efforts.

#2 Manage Your Stress Levels!

Your body has basically 2 modes of operation – activity vs rest. Digestion and sleep are handled by the rest and rejuvenate (parasympathetic) mode. Activity (STRESS!) engages the active fight-or-flight (sympathetic ) mode. Resources and energy move outward to the extremities and muscles when active and move inward when resting – i.e. sleeping and eating. When you’re stressed or working while eating your digestion will slow down and become sluggish because your digestion doesn’t have your full attention. Take time to relax. Enjoy eating and reduce the stress for better digestion.

Ask about lessons in Tai Chi, Chi Kung or learn meditation or some simple stress management techniques to relieve stress.

Many people find the Mini Stress Reduction Treatment offered here at the clinic for only $20 very helpful.

#3 Eat More Vegetables / Fiber

Many processed foods and highly refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta don’t typically contain fiber. I know what you’re thinking, you’re going to say, “but Dr. Chris, I eat a whole-wheat brand” – and I would reply by saying, “these foods are unhealthy in other ways – they are high calorie foods that easily break down into lots of sugar and tend to have the nutrients beaten out of them as they are overly processed. Fiber-rich foods tend to be whole foods that you’ll find in the fresh produce isle of your super market. 25-35 grams of fiber is recommended daily. So make sure you get enough fiber in your diet.

Here’s a great web page on fiber that might be helpful –

#4 Stay Hydrated

Drinking water supports movement and regularity in the digestive tract. Approximately 10 liters or 2.64 gallons of fluids and digestive juices enter the intestines each day. Keeping the body sufficiently hydrated supports the production of these important digestive fluids which in turn keeps things properly flowing through the digestive tract.

#5 Take Supportive Supplements to Maximize Digestion

Consider making an appointment to review your diet and digestion to see if there are some whole-food supplements that can benefit your digestion and better support your health concerns. There are specific all-natural supplements that offer digestive support containing digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, acidifying factors and bile thinning factors to sure up a weak digestion. Call the office today and ask for a whole food supplement consultation on digestive health – call 401-219-6446 and ask for Dr. Chris, D. Ac..

Check out the 21 Day Purification Program – an all-natural whole-food & supplement based approach to cleansing the body and optimizing health.

#6 Get Regular Exercise

Good health is about good circulation. Food needs to flow with regularity through the digestive tract. Exercise helps promote good circulation and also helps reduce the constricting effects of stress. Every cell in the body eats and makes waste. The body gets cranky when the whole process gets backed up. A body in motion stays in motion. Regular exercise burns calories and keeps the body’s blood and Qi (vital-functional-energy) flowing.

Bon Appétit!

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