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maximize digestive health

Maximize Digestive Health – All Natural Solutions for Health and Healing

There’s much talk about eating more natural whole foods that are nutrient-dense but your ability to digest and break down foods to absorb the necessary nutrients is even more important.

Ask your self these questions…

  • As you get older have you notice you can’t eat the way you did when you were younger?
  • Have you learned to avoid certain foods that give you digestive trouble?
  • Do you experience any of the following: tiredness after eating, bloating, belching, diarrhea, heartburn, gas, constipation?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you probably have weak digestion which will effect your overall health. Maximizing digestion will not only help you feel better but it can put you on a more supportive path to...

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Ice Delays Healing

In my training under the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine and all the classical teachings of this holistic medicine the use of ice is not typically mentioned as a therapy for injuries. Ice delays healing. Heat, in contrast, is often used to increase blood flow and relax tissue but not ice. It is generally accepted that ice is for acute injuries and heat is for chronic conditions but there’s more to understand.

Consider the obvious, cold contracts and blocks circulation. Long term constriction can cut off blood supply, impede healing and damage tissue.

When there is an injury, i.e. acute sprained, swollen ankle injury or a snake bit – swelling is a natural part of healing. The swelling contains and isolates the injury initially. But for better, long-term recovery blood needs to flow...

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TMJ Pain? Try Acupuncture.Ready to experience greater health? Better energy? Better sleep? Pain relief? Less stress? Many people just like you are finding help here! Be sure to get my FREE e-book called Natural Healing for Optimal Health as a great starting point. Click here now ~ http://natureshealing.info/go/access-free-ebook/

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One of the Oldest Forms of Healthcare - Acupuncture!Ready to experience greater health? Better energy? Better sleep? Pain relief? Less stress? Many people just like you are finding help here! Be sure to get my FREE e-book called Natural Healing for Optimal Health as a great starting point. Click here now ~ http://natureshealing.info/go/access-free-ebook/

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TMJ and Acupuncture

5 Tips for TMJ – Temporomandibular Jaw Pain and Acupuncture

Temporo-mandibular joint pain, commonly known as TMJ, affects over 10 million Americans and can involve jaw muscle stiffness, difficulty chewing and painful popping or clicking, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Although for some people the pain of TMJ goes away on its own, others develop long-term chronic problems and need treatment to help their pain.

Here are five tips you can practice at home to help your TMJ symptoms.

  1. Jaw Exercises
  • Try opening your mouth as wide as you can without feeling pain, move your jaw to the right and hold for 10 seconds, do the same to the left and repeat five times.
  • Massage the muscles around your jaw hinge in a downward motion.
  1. Relaxation 


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Health Tips and Wellness Workshops Tuesdays

Health Tips and Wellness Workshop Tuesdays

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

July 28 – No Event Scheduled (summer schedule)
August 4, 2015 @ 6:30PM —- Wellness Workshop Tuesday – Self-Care for TMJ

Two FREE Complimentary workshops each month keeping you informed of all-natural solutions to healing. Learn to experience your best in health.

Learning self-care practices in health are so important if you want to take charge of your health the natural way!


  • Health Tips Tuesdays are the LAST Tuesday of every Month
  • Wellness Workshop Tuesdays are on the FIRST Tuesday of every month

Workshop Presenter: Christopher Carlow, D. Ac.

Seating is Limited | Reservations are Required – 401-219-6446


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“Qi actually shifts and changes. That is to say life is full of change. The more subtle layers of energy you begin to work with, the easier you can change it. Conversely, the more solid you perceive the energy, the more challenging it will be to change it.”
  –  Master Mingtong Gu From Wisdom Healing Qigong


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God Bless the USA!

Happy Birthday America! Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July – Independence Day!


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FDA Bans Trans Fats

Yes, that’s right! The FDA bans trans fats.

  • Trans fat intake has been linked to an increased risk of coronary heart disease by contributing to the buildup of plaque inside the arteries that may cause a heart attack.
  • On June 16, 2015, the FDA announced partially hydrogenated oils (a primary source of trans fat) will no longer be allowed in food unless authorized by the agency, due to their health risks
  • The new regulation will take effect in 2018.

Are you going to wait until 2018?

The Big Point to Take Away…

Eating right requires educating yourself and not relying on the FDA or some other bureaucratic dinosaur to look out for your health!

For decades there’s been a lot of talk about fat being unhealthy in the diet, hence the low fat diet madness. The truth has always been that fats are...

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Hearing | Hearing Loss | Ear

Here’s 5 tips that can be helpful to improve hearing.

Many of us have already experienced or will experience some amount of hearing loss. This can be due to aging or noise-induced factors. Exposure to loud sound over time can permanently damage the ears and result in hearing loss.

If you find yourself struggling with hearing and feeling the need to turn up the TV or your music louder, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Here are five steps to improve your hearing and prevent further damage.

1. Wear protection

If you know you will be around loud noise and won’t be able to avoid it, like at a large event or while using power tools, wear ear plugs. You can find ear plugs at most grocery stores and they can severely protect your ears from damaging loud noise.

2. Limits

To keep volumes at a...

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