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I would like to share my treatment space with another holistic practitioner. If you know of a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, reflexologist, psychotherapist, coach, hypnotherapist or other chair/table based practitioner who could be a good fit please pass this on and have them contact me at chris_carlow@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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Prevention for Children

Although no cases have been reported yet in Rhode Island, cases are being reported throughout the country of children becoming very ill from the Enterovirus D68. It’s good to know the majority of cases are only showing mild signs and symptoms very similar to the common cold.

So here’s the #1 thing that you can do to help prevent your children from becoming ill (with any virus or bacteria)…


Please check out the below tips and internet links and stay informed.

•         Teach thorough hand washing… use water and SOAP, rubbing while you sing the ABC song or longer. It takes at least 20 seconds to kill all bacteria on your hands. Many children as well as adults put soap on their hands and immediately wash it off, without the 20 seconds of scrubbing – this...

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Today’s self-care tip is about weight gain and lower back pain. As I briefly covered in a previous tip, stress can lead to emotional eating which can lead to weight gain and low back pain. Let’s focus on how excess weight in the abdominal region can put a strain on the low back.

0 Weight Gain and Low Back Pain

In the medical practice of acupuncture there are meridians or channels of qi or energy flowing through the body. Along these channels or as I like to call them “lines of influence” lie acupuncture points. These points have an influence on qi flow and the health of the body. Now along the center line of the back is a meridian also known as the Governing vessel. The Governing vessel basically follows the spine. There is an important acupuncture point just below the 2nd lumbar vertebrae...

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low back pain

Today’s tip is on stress and low back pain. I want to give you a brief overview to help make you aware of the adverse impact stress has on your body and particularly low back pain. It’s obvious that physical stress such as bending or lifting heavy objects can wear on the back over time, but mental-emotional stress, which is not so obvious can weaken and tire out the back as well.

0 Stress and Low Back Pain

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practice of acupuncture emotions have a strong effect on our health. In health we need to find balance in our expression of emotions but when we get stuck in the same old emotions day after day this becomes extreme and problematic. Small doses of stress can be healthy and challenge us to grow stronger but constant stress cannot be sustained...

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Tai Chi Qi Gong

During the upcoming fall season we will continue to review the first section of the Yang style Tai Chi form so as always beginners are welcomed. Starting September 11, 2014 we will begin to slowly introduce the second section regarding form correction and purpose based on martial art principles and practiced to engender optimal health. Chi Kung class will focus on strengthening the Lungs and respiratory system for the coming fall season. If you have chronic respiratory weakness i.e. allergies, asthma, post nasal drip, wheezing, coughing you may find the Four Seasons Chi Kung form for the fall very useful.

Click here for location, schedule and class fees

Call for more info – 401-219-6446

Best wishes in health to you and your family!

Christopher Carlow, D. Ac.
Doctor of Acupuncture


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This self-care tip explores effects of posture and low back pain. The tip I want to share with you today is taken straight out of the martial arts practice of Tai Chi. I’m not going to get into this wonderful and rejuvenating exercise here but you can find out more on this topic through my website.

0 Posture and Low Back Pain

I’d like you to remember this saying – “good health is about good circulation“. When there is pain circulation is obstructed, not flowing freely – this is called stagnation. Circulation is getting blocked. A key to good posture is to challenge the thighs and not the back. Let’s get into this more and take a look at how poor posture can cause stagnation, and block circulation. When standing I find people often lock up their knees and back. This is a bad posture and...

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Besides the obvious antagonists to your respiratory system and your sinuses such as smoke, dust and pollen choices you make in diet and lifestyle can bring on big sinus problems. Here’s a list of tips that I agree with based on Dr. Weil’s recent article – Tip of the Day – Have Sinus Issues?

  1. Eliminate milk and all milk products from your diet – try it for at least 2 months to notice a difference.
  2. Take astragalus (Astragalus membranaceous), the root of a native Chinese plant that boosts immune system function.
    1. See my article on my recommendation for herbal medicine for allergies - here – it’s better to take a formulation of multiple herbs for their synergistic effect to address multiple symptoms instead of 1 herb by itself. i suggest getting advice from a professional trained herbalist.
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In this self-care tip we are going to explore hot vs cold therapies for low back pain.

0 Hot vs Cold Therapies for Low Back Pain

Hot and cold therapies are inexpensive and mildly effective self-care options. In my clinical practice patients often ask when to use heat or when to use ice on a painful condition? Cold is usually for acute pain from an injury. Applying ice can help calm damaged tissue that shows signs of being inflamed, red, hot and swollen. Heat is more for long term chronic pain affecting muscles. Heat can help soothe and relax localized spasms or tight, knotted muscle tissue. I always use heat in the clinic because the painful conditions I treat tend to be more chronic. Heat opens circulation and allows the body’s natural healing abilities to be more penetrating to the affected tissue.

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fertility and acupuncture

Patients who come to me with infertility issues have been trying to conceive for a while – sometimes 2 years or more. When they come for treatment they tend to be stressed out and very anxious hoping to conceive as soon as possible. Now as I do an extensive evaluation I often find a history of stress, poor life style habits particularly with exercise and poor sleep patterns. I also find poor dietary habits particularly an over-eating of processed foods and simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cereals and white potato.

When the body is not supplied with the proper building blocks and rest required to maintain optimal health something has got to give. The body will shut down unnecessary functions like reproduction and redirect it’s energy elsewhere just to survive the day to day stress...

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Thailand Sunset  Meditation

Let’s review some key points to form a simple meditation for stress relief that we covered over the past 4 articles.

  • Allow yourself to be still and quiet for about 5 minutes before beginning your meditative practice.
  • Beginners level – Your goal is to practice each component (body, mind and breath) individually in an effort to find a deeper sense of relaxation – this is called regulating body, mind and breath.
  • Advanced level – after feeling a deeper sense of relaxation with each component (body, mind and breath) you are ready to practice unifying them together
  • Practice daily – be consistent with your practice. Practice a little everyday instead of a whole bunch at once. Allow the practice to grow and become apart of your daily routines.
  • Let go – if at any time you feel uncomfortable you...
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