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Fertility and Acupuncture

Patients who come to me with infertility issues have been trying to conceive for a while – sometimes 2 years or more. When they come for treatment they tend to be stressed out and very anxious hoping to conceive as soon as possible. Now as I do an extensive evaluation I often find a history of stress, poor life style habits particularly with exercise and poor sleep patterns. I also find poor dietary habits particularly an over-eating of processed foods and simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cereals and white potato.

When the body is not supplied with the proper building blocks and rest required to maintain optimal health something has got to give. The body will shut down unnecessary functions like reproduction and redirect it’s energy elsewhere just to survive the day to day stress...

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Thailand Sunset  Meditation

Let’s review some key points to form a simple meditation for stress relief that we covered over the past 4 articles.

  • Allow yourself to be still and quiet for about 5 minutes before beginning your meditative practice.
  • Beginners level – Your goal is to practice each component (body, mind and breath) individually in an effort to find a deeper sense of relaxation – this is called regulating body, mind and breath.
  • Advanced level – after feeling a deeper sense of relaxation with each component (body, mind and breath) you are ready to practice unifying them together
  • Practice daily – be consistent with your practice. Practice a little everyday instead of a whole bunch at once. Allow the practice to grow and become apart of your daily routines.
  • Let go – if at any time you feel uncomfortable you...
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meditation water rings

Continuing to explore a simple meditation for stress relief I’d like to make this practical so you can take this meditation with you instead of feeling you have to lock yourself away in a quiet room to practice. Each of the concepts of regulating and relaxing the mind, body and breath in the previous  3 articles can be practice on it’s own anywhere and at any time. If you’re in line at the bank - try it. If you’re stuck in traffic - try it. Check your body, mind and breath and identify any signs of tension and stress. Take a deep relaxing breath to open and relax the body. Make sure the breathing is deep and comfortable. Steady your mind in the center of your body.

Desire pulls your mind out of your center and up-roots you. Stay centered and rooted and don’t let any desires distract or...

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Meditation Red Sun

The past 2 related articles focused on finding a deep sense of relaxation by regulating the body and the breath. In this article “simple meditation for stress relief – 3 of 5″ will focus on regulating the mind or mental focus. The mind is likened to an insubstantial, and highly active force directing our qi (vital life force / functional energy). Where your mind goes your qi will follow. Mental energy that is excessive under stress can be consuming. Emotions such as anxiety, worry or random, unorganized thinking can deplete your energy and over time adversely impact your body. If the body is yin-like than the mind is yang-like in yin yang theory and so balance between these two components are necessary. An analogy of boiling water is helpful in understanding this relationship. The mind is...

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evening meditation

In the first article of this series called “Simple Meditation for Stress Relief – 1 of 5″ we introduced the concept of regulating or controlling 3 components – body, breath and mind and explained a method to regulate the body. Regulating these components means to practice them until they become natural or until they occur habitually with the goal of finding a deep sense of relaxation for each individual component. Once you feel comfortable regulating each component the next level of practice will be to unify them for a deeper benefit for your health in managing stress.

Regulating the body should be practiced on it’s own for 1 or 2 weeks or until you feel your body is able to relax within about 3 to 5 minutes. Now let’s explore regulating the breathing. The effort in breathing comes from...

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Full Moon Meditation

Yin Yang theory defines balance as two equal but opposite forces coming together for harmony. This series is about finding balance when under stress. Stress is fire-like (yang) which is opposite to relaxation which is water-like (yin) and complementary. When there’s too much fire we need to cool it down with water – too much stress requires relaxation to restore balance. What are you doing to promote balance, relieve stress and maximize your health? In this 5 part series I want to introduce some simple concepts of meditation based on qigong (energy-work). As a beginner there are 3 components you must unify and regulate or practice controlling:

  1. Body
  2. Breath
  3. Mind

Regulating these components means to practice them until they become natural or until they occur habitually with the goal of...

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pacify the chaos

Do you feel like you’re falling apart. Are you experiencing a variety of signs and symptoms that seem to be unrelated? Are you taking medication but still don’t feel right? What’s the root cause of all of this? Perhaps you don’t have your fundamentals in order. If you find yourself chasing several different branch-type health problems with no solutions first make sure the root-fundamentals are sounds – sleep, diet, and exercise/stress management. If the root-fundamentals are not healthy than these branch-type symptoms will not change so easily. For example, you may find you get migraine headaches often so you treat this branch-type symptom with ineffective medication because the root cause may be your irregular sleep patterns or lack of sleep. Treating the root will alleviate chasing...

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Hows Your Appetite?

How’s your appetite? Is it light or on the low side not wanting to eat much? Is it heavy with feelings of always being hungry? Either way these are symptoms of an imbalance that can lead to much more concerning health issues such as weight gain/weight loss, malnutrition, lack of energy, sleep problems and more. A low appetite can be due to qi (‘chee’ – functional energy) deficiency leaving you with feelings of fatigue. Some over-weight people with low appetites can show signs of a deep internal issue – perhaps a hormonal imbalance. Losing weight is key but may be very difficult and professional guidance may be needed. As we get older things don’t get easier. Carrying excess weight around will drain your energy and lead to more health issues. A heavy appetite could be due to high stress...

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Emotions - Energy Patterns in the Body

Emotions can tell us a lot about how the body is functioning health-wise. Think of emotions as energy patterns. Qi or functional energy is supposed to flow smoothly within the body unobstructed. When there is pain or dysfunction there is a block to the body’s functional energy. Emotions are normal but being in any emotional state for too long can cause an imbalance in health. Anger is a rising energy pattern. Sadness is a collapsing energy pattern. Worry is an ongoing and draining pattern with no end. Fear can stagnate and disperse functional energy. Anxiety has a rising and unsettling effect on energy. Depression tends to sink and weigh down energy.  mental-emotional stress in general is constricting. I think this type of stress tends to be chaotic causing the manifestation of chaotic...

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Balance - grandmother earth

Here’s another key point in health to be aware to encourage balance and well-being. Do you notice any unusual sweating? Night sweats? Do you break out in a sweat for no apparent reason? Do you sweat abundantly in one body region such as your face or your feet? Do you experience excessive sweating? Sweating is normal in nervous situation or when it’s hot but unusual types of sweating can give us insight on balance in health. If you experience episodes of sweating just on your face you may have too much heat accumulating in the upper part of the body linked to lung or heart issues. For women nights sweats can be a typical sign of imbalance through menopause. Some types of night sweats can occur outside of menopause related to excess internal heat in the body and liver congestion as...

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