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Acupuncture for PTSD Awareness DayShare and raise awareness and overcome the stigma and misinformation surrounding this mental health problem.

Study Results: Compared to usual PTSD care, a four week course of twice weekly TCM acupuncture resulted in significantly greater improvements in depression and pain symptoms.

Article: Acupuncture and PTSD

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US Dept of Veteran Affairs

National PTSD Awareness Day

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June 27 is PTSD Awareness Day

PTSD Awareness Day

Post Traumatic Stress DisorderPTSD is a mental health problem that can occur after someone has been exposed to a traumatic event.

Some symptoms of PTSD include:

  • persistent intrusive thoughts
  • distressing dreams about the traumatic event
  • triggered emotional responses to reminders of the trauma
  • avoids thinking or talking about the trauma
  • persistent hyper-vigilance for cues that  indicate additional danger or trauma re-occurring
  • Detachment
    Loss of emotional responsiveness
    Unable to recall aspects of trauma
    Exaggerated startle response

Acupuncture for PTSD



National PTSD Awareness Day

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PTSD Awareness Day - June 27th
PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health problem that can occur after being exposed to a single traumatic event or multiple traumatic events, such as  physical assault, natural disasters, and combat stress related to war.

Acupuncture can help.

Advantages of Acupuncture as Therapy for PTSD

One of many distinguishing advantages acupuncture offers as an effective therapy is that it is a non-exposure treatment that does not require the patient to neither recall or relive traumatic events nor even discuss them. There are no injections or exchange of fluids or chemicals with acupuncture. The acupuncture needles are solid, thin and flexible unlike the thicker, hollow hypodermic needles used to draw blood or administer injections. The gentle treatment of acupuncture stimulates...

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What is PTSD?

PTSD is a physiological disorder that can result from being exposed to a traumatic event. The disorder results in several different symptoms.

  • • Re-experiencing.  Some PTSD sufferers relive the traumatic event over and over. This can be in the form of bad memories, nightmares and flashbacks. Sights, sounds and smells can trigger re-experiencing the event.
  • • Sometimes people with PTSD avoid the people, places and events that remind them of what happened.
  • •  Symptoms of numbing include trouble expressing emotions, loss of interest in enjoyable activities, and the loss of memory of parts of the traumatic event.
  • • Anger, irritability, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, feeling on guard and being easily startled or surprised are common arousal symptoms.

The effects of...

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Alternative Treatments for Your Skin

5 Oils and Alternative Treatments for Your Skin

Skin issues can happen at any age. Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, it can get complicated.

Although there are many products on the market that promise to “cure” your skin ailments, natural alternatives have proven to be effective and one of the safest options for skin treatment.

Here are just a few of the different oils that are easy to add to your skin maintenance routine and can help with frustrations you may be facing.

Moringa Oil

Moringa oil has been around for thousands of years and was originally used by ancient Egyptians. This oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids that help prevent the skin from sun damage and aging while being a natural moisturizer.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is used today as an effective anti-aging...

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Health Tips and Wellness Workshops Tuesdays

Health Tips and Wellness Workshop Tuesdays

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

July 7 – No Event Scheduled (summer schedule)
June 30, 2015 @ 6:30PM —- Wellness Workshop Tuesday – Health Tips for Headaches

Two FREE Complimentary workshops each month keeping you informed of all-natural solutions to healing. Learn to experience your best in health.

Learning self-care practices in health are so important if you want to take charge of your health the natural way!


  • Health Tips Tuesdays are the LAST Tuesday of every Month
  • Wellness Workshop Tuesdays are on the FIRST Tuesday of every month

Workshop Presenter: Christopher Carlow, D. Ac.

Seating is Limited | Reservations are Required – 401-219-6446


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physically fit verses holistically healthy

Physically Fit versus Holistically Healthy

There is a difference between being in top physical shape and holistically healthy. Some people may be in great athletic shape, but actually neglecting their body’s other internal health needs.

There have been numerous cases where professional athletes in the peak of their careers have died of heart attacks and other natural complications. Could these deaths have been prevented by taking better care of their overall health? Possibly.

A physically fit body is typically a body that exudes health and vibrancy, however, this doesn’t mean that underlying illnesses such as cancer or cardiovascular disorders are not underneath the surface.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, when there are meridian imbalances in the body, our organs...

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Qigong for Health

Qigong for Health in the Summer Heat

Seasonal weather conditions can pose a negative influence on health. Qigong (chi kung) exercise can be supportive by adjusting your body to seasonal change. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), excess summer heat tends to affect the heart. Four Seasons Qigong is an ancient form of exercise designed to prepare the body for seasonal change based on Five Element Theory (wu xing) – a TCM treatment and diagnostic protocol. Qi is considered a vital life force loosely translated as energy. When Qi is obstructed health imbalances result. In Five Phase theory (fire, wood, water, earth, metal) the Fire phase corresponds to the heart. The Summer Qigong sequence conditions the lungs to vent and cool down heart fire. The key to this sequence is in...

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Defining Acupoints - acupuncture points

Acupuncture points or Acu-points are pinpoint areas along the surface of the body under which lies a highly concentrated volume of nerve endings, blood vessels and lymphatic tissue. Stimulating an acu-point with a needle, a relatively painless sensation, activates the nervous system and brain centers to release a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters that influence the body’s internal regulating systems to restore balance, promote health and encourage healing.

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causes of headache and relief with acupuncture

Causes of Headaches and Relief with Acupuncture

If you suffer from headaches, you are not alone. Over 50 million of us experience some form of a severe headache at some point in our lives. Whether you experience minor head pain or severe migraines, headaches can take valuable time out of your day and your life, and leave you searching for relief.

Many seek relief by reaching for drugs and other medications. This may work temporarily and can help you get out of pain fast. Unfortunately, common headache medications do not address the root cause(s), and when used over long periods of time can cause unwanted side effects.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offer a safe and effective approach to relieving headache pain without causing harmful side effects. These healing...

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