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I invite you to check out my new educational video series I put together called
Break Free from the Emotional Drain Game!

Mental-emotional stress places a big burden on our health and well-being. Awareness and prevention in support of mental-emotional health can put you on a better path to greater health.

In this new Awareness & Prevention Video Series you will learn:​

  • #1 Root-Cause to Most Health Issues
  • (Awareness & Prevention are essentials for better choices in managing your health)
  • Four Natural Self-Care Tips based on Ancient Wisdom
  • (Deeply develop your mind-body connection)
  • (Easy to learn, simple to do & very effective)
  • Break Free from the Emotional Drain Game
  • (Discover emotional energy patterns and their negative influences upon your health)

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Christopher Carlow, Doctor of Acupuncture

Christopher Carlow
Doctor of Acupuncture

Dr Chris is a Doctor of Acupuncture, licensed in the state of Rhode Island with a holistic acupuncture and wellness clinic in Coventry, Rhode Island called Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

"I believe healthcare needs a more natural approach that places greater importance on self-care & early prevention. Greater health can be achieved through learning higher levels of personal awareness and early practices in prevention and self-care. Check out my new video series and take control of your health naturally!