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Health tips based on the time-honored principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

holistic thinker

Can You See The Big Picture? Are You A Holistic Thinker?

Are you a big picture person? Are you a holistic thinker? Look at the open hand and guess how many you see? If you are a big picture person or a holistic thinker you could see 9. Confused? Please read on… Awareness is important, not only in health but in life in general. There is […]

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Heart Health – TCM Fire Element

Let’s Explore the Heart The heart and other organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are recognized by more than just their physical aspects. The organs include not only their physiological function, but also their mental, emotional, spiritual, enegetic and elemental qualities that align with nature and the seasons. If you have taken any 4 Seasons […]

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Time for Cleansing! Your Invitation…

It’s Detox and Cleansing Time! Well it’s the start to a new year and I’m getting ready to do some cleansing. Are you in? If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, and re-energize after all the holiday festivities you’ll find below interesting and you’ll want to Click here to Reserve Your Spot for my […]

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health children healthy habits

7 Healthy Habits to Grow Healthy Children

Healthy Habits Make Healthy Children! Growing healthy children requires healthy routines. Health is about consistent lifestyle patterns that build momentum and strengthen the body. Transitioning from summer into fall and the start of a new school year can challenge your time and disrupt your routines. Such challenges can push aside time to maintain good health […]

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feeling tired

Feeling Tired? This May Help.

Feeling tired, fatigued, sleepy, low energy? I think you’ll find this info helpful. A very common complaint that acupuncturists hear from our patients is that they’re constantly feeling tired and rundown. Sometimes this fatigue is related to poor sleep issues, but sometimes no amount of rest seems to help. From an acupuncture and Chinese Medicine […]

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stress management anxiety

Top Key to Stress Management and the Unsettling Pattern of Anxiety

What do you think is the top key to stress management? There are many audio meditations and exercises used for stress management. Understanding the core elements underneath all the dramatic meditative imagery or the unusual exercise postures found in yoga, tai chi or chi kung can make such practices more powerful and effective for stress […]

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anger disrupts liver function

Discover How The Explosive Energy Pattern of Anger Disrupts Liver Function

Anger Disrupts Liver Function As the largest internal organ, the liver has an overwhelming responsibility providing over 500 different functions. In other words, the liver plays a major role in the search for greater health. The liver is burdened with so many responsibilities. When the liver is overwhelmed it’s ability to accomplish so many different […]

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acupuncture for optimal health

7 Points on Acupuncture for Optimal Health

Acupuncture for Optimal Health Do you ever feel your life’s a crazy nonstop roller coaster ride? How many nights have left you sleepless and tired? How often do you truly take time for yourself? Do you have daily aches and pains? Are over-the-counter or prescription medications controlling your life? When was the last time you […]

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video series break free from the Emotional Drain Game

Something for You – All 3 Video’s | Break Free From The Emotional Drain Game

I’ve put together a FREE 3 part video series that I want to share with you called Break Free From The Emotional Drain Game More concepts to share on health awareness and disease prevention! I think you’ll find this video series contains some important health tips and benefits so if you haven’t signed up already […]

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