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Weight Gain and Low Back Pain

Today’s self-care tip is about weight gain and lower back pain. As I briefly covered in a previous tip, stress can lead to emotional eating which can lead to weight gain and low back pain. Let’s focus on how excess weight in the abdominal region can put a strain on the low back. In the […]

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low back pain

Stress and Low Back Pain

Today’s tip is on stress and low back pain. I want to give you a brief overview to help make you aware of the adverse impact stress has on your body and particularly low back pain. It’s obvious that physical stress such as bending or lifting heavy objects can wear on the back over time, […]

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Posture and Low Back Pain

This self-care tip explores effects of posture and low back pain. The tip I want to share with you today is taken straight out of the martial arts practice of Tai Chi. I’m not going to get into this wonderful and rejuvenating exercise here but you can find out more on this topic through my […]

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Poor Diet and Lifestyle Choices can lead to Sinus Trouble

Besides the obvious antagonists to your respiratory system and your sinuses such as smoke, dust and pollen choices you make in diet and lifestyle can bring on big sinus problems. Here’s a list of tips that I agree with based on Dr. Weil’s recent article – Tip of the Day – Have Sinus Issues? Eliminate […]

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Hot vs Cold Therapies for Low Back Pain

In this self-care tip we are going to explore hot vs cold therapies for low back pain. Hot and cold therapies are inexpensive and mildly effective self-care options. In my clinical practice patients often ask when to use heat or when to use ice on a painful condition? Cold is usually for acute pain from […]

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fertility and acupuncture

Optimizing Fertility and Acupuncture

Patients who come to me with infertility issues have been trying to conceive for a while – sometimes 2 years or more. When they come for treatment they tend to be stressed out and very anxious hoping to conceive as soon as possible. Now as I do an extensive evaluation I often find a history […]

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Thailand Sunset  Meditation

Simple Meditation for Stress Relief – 5 of 5

Let’s review some key points to form a simple meditation for stress relief that we covered over the past 4 articles. Allow yourself to be still and quiet for about 5 minutes before beginning your meditative practice. Beginners level – Your goal is to practice each component (body, mind and breath) individually in an effort […]

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Simple Meditation for Stress Relief – 4 of 5

Continuing to explore a simple meditation for stress relief I’d like to make this practical so you can take this meditation with you instead of feeling you have to lock yourself away in a quiet room to practice. Each of the concepts of regulating and relaxing the mind, body and breath in the previous  3 […]

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Meditation Red Sun

Simple Meditation for Stress Relief – 3 of 5

The past 2 related articles focused on finding a deep sense of relaxation by regulating the body and the breath. In this article “simple meditation for stress relief – 3 of 5” will focus on regulating the mind or mental focus. The mind is likened to an insubstantial, and highly active force directing our qi (vital […]

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Simple Meditation for Stress Relief – 2 of 5

In the first article of this series called “Simple Meditation for Stress Relief – 1 of 5” we introduced the concept of regulating or controlling 3 components – body, breath and mind and explained a method to regulate the body. Regulating these components means to practice them until they become natural or until they occur habitually with the goal […]

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