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Health tips based on the time-honored principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

B Vitamins

B Complex Deficiencies

B vitamins are found in whole unprocessed foods. Processed carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour tend to have lower B vitamin than such unprocessed foods. For this reason, it is required by law in the United States (and many other countries) that the B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid be added back to […]

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Natural Alternatives to the Flu Shot?

It’s flu season again and there are lots of concerns about catching the flu. If you’re interested in natural ways to strengthen your immune system then you’re in the right place. I have some excerpts from an interesting article by Dr. Mercola that I will summarize below: During the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine’s […]

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Good Digestion Good Health

Digestion – the Foundation of Health

Got Good Digestion? The digestive system is the foundation of health. Beginning with a proper diet and multiple processes of breaking down food to nourish our body including: chewing well allowing your saliva (a digestive aid) to mix with your food proper amount of stomach acid to further break down food mixing in healthy digestive […]

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Tai Chi Symbol

Harvard Medical School Cites the Health Benefits of Tai Chi

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi Excerpts from Harvard Medical School Health Publications Article “A growing body of carefully conducted research is building a compelling case for tai chi as an adjunct to standard medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age,” says Peter M. Wayne, assistant professor of […]

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Winter Snow Flakes

Alternatives to Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Has the winter got you worried about catching the flu or a cold? Are you getting a flu shot? Is the flu vaccine still available in your area? Perhaps you should consider strengthening your immune system naturally. I found a great article detailing the ups and downs of the flu vaccine and some positive information […]

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acupuncture needle get the point

Links – Concerns about Vaccines and the Flu

Flu Vaccine Exposed Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths You Should Skip the Flu Vaccine? Concerns about Dangers from Swine Flu Vaccine Grow Are doctors being intimidated into silence about the swine flu vaccine? Warning: Swine Flu Shot Linked to Killer Nerve Disease Historical facts about the dangers (and […]

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Health Awareness

Three Health Indicators – Sleep Digestion Regularity

Health Awareness and Disease Prevention Awareness is the key to managing your health. Awareness allows you to be proactive in preventing disease instead of reacting to imbalances that have grown out of your control. Identifying imbalances in the patterns of sleep, digestion and bowel movements are good indicators for monitoring your health. Sleep is a […]

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Proper Posture

Health in Posture Remember how your mother always told you to sit up straight? Remember how you might have questioned why? As you may come to understand from this article maintaining good posture is good for your health. In oriental medicine there is an axiom that can be paraphrased as such: Where there is obstruction […]

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Digestion and Cold

Natural Health Tips – Digestion and Cold HEALING PRINCIPLES OF ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE A natural health tip when it comes to eating is to never take cold foods or drinks. Cold cools down the digestive fires and depletes the body energy. Ice drinks are often considered a major cause of weak digestion which […]

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Wei Qi / Guardian Qi and Your Skin

Natural Health Tips – Guardian Qi and Your Skin HEALING PRINCIPLES OF ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Under the ancient medical practice of Acupuncture, the Lung system dominates the skin and Wei Qi or Guardian Qi. Wei Qi can be thought of as a shield of energy that runs along the body surface. This protective […]

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