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Health tips based on the time-honored principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Emotions - Energy Patterns in the Body

Key Points for Health – Part 4 – Emotions

Emotions can tell us a lot about how the body is functioning health-wise. Think of emotions as energy patterns. Qi or functional energy is supposed to flow smoothly within the body unobstructed. When there is pain or dysfunction there is a block to the body’s functional energy. Emotions are normal but being in any emotional state […]

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Balance - grandmother earth

Key Points for Health – Part 3 Unusual Sweating

Here’s another key point in health to be aware to encourage balance and well-being. Do you notice any unusual sweating? Night sweats? Do you break out in a sweat for no apparent reason? Do you sweat abundantly in one body region such as your face or your feet? Do you experience excessive sweating? Sweating is […]

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Temperature Sensation

Key Points for Health – Part 2 Hot / Cold Sensations

Hot or cold sensations of the body can tell us a lot about finding balance in health. Common complaints like cold hands and feet are simple signs of Qi circulation being impeded as it flows out towards the limbs. Exercise like Tai Chi and Qigong styles can mobilize qi to the extremities and even out unusual temperature sensation to promote better circulation. Exposing your neck […]

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Qi - Vital Life Force

Key Points for Health – Part 1 Qi

Qi is a Chinese word used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to describe a universal and vital life force. Let’s simplify and call it ‘functional energy’. Energy is required in the body to carry out every bodily function. How’s your energy levels on a day to day basis? This is a common question I ask my patients to […]

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The Body is Like a Factory

The body runs like a factory with many jobs to accomplish. If fundamental processes like sleep and diet are not well maintained then the performance of important operations to support health like digestion and immune function will lead to poor production or poor health. For example, a patient is in need of treatment for chronic low back pain. […]

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B Vitamins

B Complex Deficiencies

B vitamins are found in whole unprocessed foods. Processed carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour tend to have lower B vitamin than such unprocessed foods. For this reason, it is required by law in the United States (and many other countries) that the B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid be added back to […]

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Natural Alternatives to the Flu Shot?

It’s flu season again and there are lots of concerns about catching the flu. If you’re interested in natural ways to strengthen your immune system then you’re in the right place. I have some excerpts from an interesting article by Dr. Mercola that I will summarize below: During the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine’s […]

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Good Digestion Good Health

Digestion – the Foundation of Health

Got Good Digestion? The digestive system is the foundation of health. Beginning with a proper diet and multiple processes of breaking down food to nourish our body including: chewing well allowing your saliva (a digestive aid) to mix with your food proper amount of stomach acid to further break down food mixing in healthy digestive […]

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Tai Chi Symbol

Harvard Medical School Cites the Health Benefits of Tai Chi

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi Excerpts from Harvard Medical School Health Publications Article “A growing body of carefully conducted research is building a compelling case for tai chi as an adjunct to standard medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age,” says Peter M. Wayne, assistant professor of […]

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Winter Snow Flakes

Alternatives to Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Has the winter got you worried about catching the flu or a cold? Are you getting a flu shot? Is the flu vaccine still available in your area? Perhaps you should consider strengthening your immune system naturally. I found a great article detailing the ups and downs of the flu vaccine and some positive information […]

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