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homemade natural sunscreen

Homemade Natural Sunscreen

How to make homemade natural sunscreen. Sun protection is very important to protect against harmful UV-rays and to prevent skin cancer but next time you choose a sunscreen, consider the quality of the ingredients in that product. Many common sunscreens actually contain chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Chemicals to avoid in commercial […]

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6 sugar filled facts

6 Sugar Filled Facts

Here are 6 sugar filled facts you should know. Based on a study by the JAMA Internal Medicine, Americans consume greater than 70 percent of the recommended daily amount of sugar. Sadly, many folks are addicted to sugar. This health destroying villain happens to be hidden in most of the foods and drinks we consume. […]

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optimal health and natural healing

Optimal Health and Natural Healing Defined

How do you define optimal health and natural healing? In modern times there’s more of a mindset to react to health issues instead of emphasizing prevention and natural healing. There are a lot of general health tips that won’t address some individual’s unique health imbalances. There’s a lot of talk about what to eat but […]

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supplements herbal forumlas herbs pills

Are my supplements effective? An often asked question at the clinic.

I’m often asked by patients to evaluate the supplements and herbs that they have chosen to take on their own or prescribed by others. Unfortunately, unless they are the same manufacturers I have researched and have accepted to use in my clinical practice, it’s difficult for me to be sure they will be effective. I’ve […]

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lower your risk of cancer

5 Tips to Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Here are 5 tips to lower your risk of cancer. Early prevention is key. Why not give it a try? 1. Don’t start if you haven’t already and if you did start – quit tobacco! It should be common sense now that smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to multiple types of cancer. If you […]

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PTSD and Acupuncture

PTSD and Acupuncture

Did you know about PTSD and Acupuncture? PTSD is a physiological disorder that can result from exposure to a traumatic event.  PTSD results in several different symptoms including anxiety, irritability, insomnia and flashbacks. The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder in someone’s life can be far reaching.  Feelings of hopelessness, shame and despair, problems at work […]

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mind body connection for greater health

A Presentation on Mind Body Connection for Greater Health

Dr Carlow gives a presentation on the mind body connection benefits found with Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Learn misleading concepts about curing disease. Understand an alternative treatment for chronic pain. Discover the #1 contributing factor to most health issues. Find out why treatment outcomes are poor without 4 important fundamentals and how greater […]

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Alternative Therapies for Arthritis

6 Alternative Therapies for Arthritis

Here are 6 Alternative Therapies for Arthritis 1. Acupuncture One of the most common reasons people seek out acupuncture is for arthritis relief. acupuncture can help relieve pain from arthritis and increase blood flow and circulation, reducing inflammation. Through the specific placement of needles on acupuncture points on the body, acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural […]

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herbs and supplements

Have You Updated Your Herbs and Supplements?

Have You Updated Your Herbs and Supplements lately? I love to see my patients taking a proactive role in their health. I love to hear stories about them changing their diet or trying new exercises. I also love to hear about them educating themselves on herbs and supplements that are health supportive. I have concerns […]

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children and gut health

Children and Gut Health – A Start to Life Long Health

Gut health is an important fundamental to take care of for optimal health. Maintaining good gut health is especially important for children. Their young bodies are not fully developed and more vulnerable to ailments. Teaching them good dietary habits will set them up for greater health for a life time. As a father and a […]

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