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21 Day Purification Webinar

Instant Replay – 21 Day Purification Webinar

Did you miss the live webinar? 21 Day Purification Webinar Click here to view an instant replay Weight Loss Challenges? Tiredness? Poor Digestion? See My Free 21 Day Purification Webinar What You’ll Discover: Learn how toxins and bad dietary habits can rob your energy and leave you feeling awful. Learn what you can eat and […]

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Time for Cleansing! Your Invitation…

It’s Detox and Cleansing Time! Well it’s the start to a new year and I’m getting ready to do some cleansing. Are you in? If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, and re-energize after all the holiday festivities you’ll find below interesting and you’ll want to Click here to Reserve Your Spot for my […]

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warming foods for winter

Warm Foods For Winter

Traditional dietary practices based on natural principles to support health calls for… Warming Foods for Winter Everybody knows that food is what gives our bodies the energy and nutrients we need to survive. But not everybody is aware that specific foods should be consumed during specific times of the year. In areas like the Midwest, […]

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gift certificates

Holiday Gift Certificates Available 2016!

Gift Certificates Are Available! Offering the Highest Quality in Natural Healthcare     Gift Certificates can be purchased by phone 401-219-6446 or drop in to the clinic – 982 Tiogue Ave, Coventry RI. Treatments Offered – (Special Limited Holiday Offers): Mini Stress Reduction Treatment (Acupuncture) – $20 New Patient Initial Eval plus Acupuncture – $105 […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD

Feeling Depressed? Learn How to Prepare for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression often experience through seasonal change. When the seasons change you have to be ready for a change in mood, especially as we move from fall into winter. Although it may not seem as drastic of a shift as you think, it matters more to our mental […]

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better sleep insomnia

5 Tips for Better Sleep

Here’s some simple things to try for better sleep. Insomnia is a phenomenon almost everybody experiences at some point in their life. And most of us don’t know how or why it happens.  Insomnia is defined as difficulty falling asleep, despite being tired. Combatting insomnia may be easier than you think. Here are five simple […]

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health children healthy habits

7 Healthy Habits to Grow Healthy Children

Healthy Habits Make Healthy Children! Growing healthy children requires healthy routines. Health is about consistent lifestyle patterns that build momentum and strengthen the body. Transitioning from summer into fall and the start of a new school year can challenge your time and disrupt your routines. Such challenges can push aside time to maintain good health […]

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