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Four Ways to Overcome Childhood Obesity – AcuNews Sept. 2017

Overcome Childhood Obesity Naturally Childhood obesity is a serious health issue affecting more than 12 million children in the United States. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, obesity is related to a weakness in the digestive energy, a stagnation of energy in the body, heat accumulating in the stomach or an accumulation of dampness and […]

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milk lungs mucus yuk

Health Tips for Kids – Milk Lungs Mucus Yuk!

Milk Lungs Mucus Yuk! If your child or you as an adult are dealing with chronic respiratory problems that particularly involve excess mucus production, I suggest avoiding milk and other dairy products at all cost. At least temporarily for a month or two until you can get your health back on track. Dairy is hard […]

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sore muscles and electrolytes

Health Tips for Kids – Sore Muscles and Electrolytes

Do the little ones get sore muscles? Check this out. Occasionally, my 3rd grade daughter will complain about sore legs. It usually happens when she overdoes it activity-wise but at first I wasn’t catching on to it. One day she had a challenging event in gym class at school. She came home and said, “ […]

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Sleeping in your own bed

Health Tips for Kids – Sleeping in Your Own Bed

Are you sleeping in your own bed? I’ve seen parents on the fence about whether to let their children sleep with them or have them sleeping in their own bed. Of course, getting sleep is a priority for health and any disruptions need to be limited but I think there can be special exceptions that […]

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boo boo kisses and band-aids

Health Tips for Kids – Boo Boo Kisses and Band-Aids

Boo Boo Kisses and Band-Aids are comforting and help form great family bonds. Here’s a fun tip! There are important moments that strengthen the bonds between parents and their children. Sometimes though, these important moments are overlooked and disregarded because there are so many other apparently important things to focus on in our stressful, fast-pace […]

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The Golden Rule and Encouragement

Health Tips for Kids – The Golden Rule and Encouragement

Do you remember the Golden Rule? Being a parent is such an important job. I believe parents are the most important pillars of support for a healthy society. Parents are responsible for raising the next generation. And having a Golden Rule or something to guide their parenting is healthful. It’s an awesome responsibility to be […]

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appetite changes after a stomach bug health tips

Health Tips for Kids – Appetite Changes after a Stomach bug

Have you ever noticed your appetite changes after a stomach bug? Stomach bugs are terrible. I‘ve seen my kids projectile vomit across the room with diarrhea at the same time! That freaked me out! I thought they were possessed and in a way they were possessed. I have notice long term appetite changes after a […]

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the fox and the tiger - health tips for kids

Health Tips for Kids – The Fox and the Tiger

Ever hear the fable about the Fox and the Tiger? I love children’s stories because they often have a great message. There is a Chinese story called The Fox and The Tiger. It’s a story about how a fox exploits a tiger’s might. I’ll paraphrase the story here; One day a tiger was hunting. The […]

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teach a child to fish health tips for kids

Health Tips for Kids – Teach a Child to Fish

Teach a Child to Fish I think there’s some important lessons to be learned when you teach a child to fish. I loved fishing when I was a kid. I remember, as a teenager, jumping on my bike early in the morning before the sun came up and riding out to Block Rock reservoir or Ice […]

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ginger honey tea health tips for kids

Health Tips for Kids – Ginger Honey Tea

Mmmm Ginger Honey Tea! Good for the tummy! Runny nose, sneezing, cold face and hands, cold belly, neck and upper back aches, belly aches, low energy – maybe it’s time for ginger honey tea! When the kids get sick and catch a cold I tried to have some natural remedies around the house to comfort […]

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