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Qigong a.k.a Chi Kung – The Ancient Art of Rejuvenation

Pin Yin

What is Pin Yin? Ever wonder why Tai Chi or the full name Tai Chi Chuan is spelled Tai Ji Quan or Chi Kung is Spelled Qi Gong? This info should clear up some confusion. Pin Yin, more formally known as Hanyu Pinyin, is the accepted standard used by the Peoples Republic of China for […]

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Yin Yang Symbol Expanding

Yin Yang Theory and Heat Therapy

Natural Health Tips – Yin Yang Theory and Heat Therapy HEALING PRINCIPLES OF ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Yin Yang theory is one of many ancient fundamental principles that guides the healing practice of acupuncture. Yin Yang theory is a way to categorize opposites and encourage balance. The Yin Yang symbol, often seen as half […]

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Wei Qi / Guardian Qi and Your Skin

Natural Health Tips – Guardian Qi and Your Skin HEALING PRINCIPLES OF ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Under the ancient medical practice of Acupuncture, the Lung system dominates the skin and Wei Qi or Guardian Qi. Wei Qi can be thought of as a shield of energy that runs along the body surface. This protective […]

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Body-Mind-Breath in Tai Chi / Qi Gong

Natural Health Tips – Body, Mind and Breath HEALING PRINCIPLES OF ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE The mind, body and breath work together synergistically. Whenever one is disturbed the others react. Practicing to maintain a good posture, a calm mind and a deep breath provides a healthy dose of preventative medicine. In times of stress, […]

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Improve Balance with Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Healthy Steps to Improve Balance Walking and a sense of good balance may come easy for some but can be problematic for others. Our poor feet carry the entire weight of the body and there lies trouble. In Greek legend during the Trojan war, the invulnerable Achilles was know for his strength and agility in […]

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Exercise Methods – Relaxation – Flexibility – Strengthening

THE EXERCISE METHODS OF RELAXATION, FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTHENING There are three methods of exercise that should be emphasized to aid in rehabilitation or general maintenance of our bodies – Relaxation, Flexibility, and Strengthening. All to often people don’t follow these simple guidelines and pursue exercise that only leads to injury. Integrating these three methods are […]

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Good Health is Good Circulation

In the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine the concept of good health is good circulation in regards to lifestyle patterns and body functions. Healthy circulation should be smooth and balanced without obstruction. When our bodily functions or lifestyle patterns are obstructed or irregular, pain and disease can result. There are many negative conditions that […]

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Dan Tian – Energetic Center | Qi Gong

A Beginning in Qigong: The Dan Tian – An Energetic Center The Dan Tian is an energetic center. In practicing Tai Chi, the mind is focused on the Dan Tian to strengthen the internal core. The Dan Tian is located approximately 1.5 inches below the navel and between the front and backside of the abdomen. As […]

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Breathing and alterations in our breathing pattern can affect our health. There are many art forms that have a focus on proper breathing. Proper breathing is an important part of Martial Arts, Yoga, Tai Ji Chuan and Qi Gong. Have you ever noticed how your breathing pattern changes when you’re sleeping or when you’re laughing […]

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meditation regulating the breath

Meditation – Regulating the Breath

Meditation – Regulating the Breath For a beginner, meditation can be difficult to grasp because it’s replete with subtlety. Effort and ego needs to be replaced with patience and stillness. When treating a patient with acupuncture, I also like to offer self-care advice to improve health. Meditation is one of these self-care techniques. One way […]

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