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Tai Chi Chuan a.k.a. Taijiquan – Grand Ultimate Fist an Ancient Martial Art and a way to optimal health.

Mental Chatter and Obsessive Eating

Mental Chatter and Obsessive Eating

What do I mean by mental chatter and obsessive eating? Your mind is always racing. You feel busy in your head with all that mental chatter. Your head is full of lots of thoughts swirling around. There are so many things to do but so little time. You’re so busy constantly brainstorming and planning. You’re […]

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alternative pain management

Opiate Abuse and Alternative Pain Management

Bringing Awareness to Opiate Abuse and Alternative Pain Management in Rhode Island An article in the Brown Daily Herald by Eben Blake published on sept. 18, 2014 stated, “Deaths in Rhode Island due to drug overdose have doubled since 2009, partially due to users who transitioned from prescription pill abuse to cheaper, more accessible drugs, […]

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“Qi actually shifts and changes. That is to say life is full of change. The more subtle layers of energy you begin to work with, the easier you can change it. Conversely, the more solid you perceive the energy, the more challenging it will be to change it.”   –  Master Mingtong Gu From Wisdom […]

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Qigong for Health

Qigong for Health in the Summer Heat

Qigong for Health in the Summer Heat Seasonal weather conditions can pose a negative influence on health. Qigong (chi kung) exercise can be supportive by adjusting your body to seasonal change. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), excess summer heat tends to affect the heart. Four Seasons Qigong is an ancient form of exercise designed […]

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Health and Wellness Event

EVENT NOTICE: Coventry DHS Health and Wellness Event DATE: Thursday, May 28  5pm-8pm Mini Stress Reduction Treatment from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm Tai Chi and Chi Kung Talk @ 6:35 pm Drop by and visit our booth. I’ll be hosting an in-house MINI STRESS REDUCTION CLINIC and giving a talk on Tai Chi and […]

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spring for health - breathing exercises

Diaphragm Breathing Exercise

Diaphragm Breathing Exercise Diaphragm breathing exercises are simple breathing techniques to relieve stress, promote health, strengthen lung function and develop a deeper mind-body connection. It’s important to feel comfortable through this breathing practice. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during practice, just let go of trying to control your breathing and simply observe your […]

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Tai Chi and Chi Kung for Health

New Years Special Offer

New Years Special Offer – Tai Chi and Chi Kung – try one class for FREE in 2015! Limited offer through the month of January 2015. I would love for you to visit and “LIKE” my facebook page and leave a comment to let me know your interested in trying a Tai Chi or Chi Kung […]

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Tai Chi Qi Gong

Tai Chi & Chi Kung for Health / Fall Classes 2014

During the upcoming fall season we will continue to review the first section of the Yang style Tai Chi form so as always beginners are welcomed. Starting September 11, 2014 we will begin to slowly introduce the second section regarding form correction and purpose based on martial art principles and practiced to engender optimal health. […]

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Posture and Low Back Pain

This self-care tip explores effects of posture and low back pain. The tip I want to share with you today is taken straight out of the martial arts practice of Tai Chi. I’m not going to get into this wonderful and rejuvenating exercise here but you can find out more on this topic through my […]

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Thailand Sunset  Meditation

Simple Meditation for Stress Relief – 5 of 5

Let’s review some key points to form a simple meditation for stress relief that we covered over the past 4 articles. Allow yourself to be still and quiet for about 5 minutes before beginning your meditative practice. Beginners level – Your goal is to practice each component (body, mind and breath) individually in an effort […]

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