chi kung 2016 spring event

What time is it?

No, Not Howdy Doody Time. It’s Chi Kung Time!

If you’ve never tried Chi Kung, here’s your chance. I have scheduled 4 classes for the 2016 spring event on 4 Seasons Chi Kung – the same form in the online membership program. It’s so much more fun and the energy is more abundant when doing the movements together. Please read to the end of the article for the schedule.

IMPORTANT! – Can you send me a reply (contact) and tell me which times you prefer – 9:30AM or 2PM? See Schedule at the bottom.

In this one hour class we will perform the Extended Summer and Spring Sets. We’ll also have a chance to cover questions and get into more detail about this wonderful, health-rejuvenating practice.

The gentle, slow and simple movements of Chi Kung (qigong) can be surprisingly powerful. Deep breathing and mental focus is emphasized.

Slow movements have a different impact on the body than fast moving exercise. Moving slowly requires more mental focus and coordination. The fast pace of modern society is distracting and unbalancing for our health. Stress can become so distracting that they lose touch with their own sense of health and vitality. Mental focus is drained away. The body begins to show chaotic signs of health problems and rapid aging.

Chi Kung strengthens the body, deepens the breath and sharpens the mind. Chi Kung helps the mind connect more deeply with the body. Self-awareness brightens. You can begin to feel more connected and your sense of vitality becomes greater. You feel more alive.

The 4 Seasons Chi Kung form is also rich in Traditional Chinese Medical principles such as yin yang and 5 phase models. These principles helps us attune our health to seasonal change. The different seasonal sets also has an influence on specific organ function as well.

The great breadth and depth of philosophy and learning in the practice of Chi Kung is what I love the most. Chi Kung is about opening to a higher level of awareness about yourself, about your health and about what is natural. This is what I call self-cultivation.

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2016 Schedule & Location:

Location: Life Enhancement Services Studio 2076 Nooseneck Hill Rd. Coventry, RI – (1st floor)
Hosted by Glenn Ambrose
Instructor: Dr Christopher Carlow, D. Ac.

Class Fee: $18 per class or $60 for all 4 classes.
Online Members and Past Students Fee: $12 per class

Classes will be held on Saturdays for the following 4 dates only:

April 30
May 7
May 14
May 21

IMPORTANT! – Please send me a reply (contact) and tell me which times you prefer – 9:30AM or 2PM? I will make the final announcement on the schedule in the upcoming week.


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