Good Health is Good Circulation

waterfallIn the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine the concept of good health is good circulation in regards to lifestyle patterns and body functions. Healthy circulation should be smooth and balanced without obstruction. When our bodily functions or lifestyle patterns are obstructed or irregular, pain and disease can result.

There are many negative conditions that can cause obstruction or irregularities in the body’s circulation including physical trauma, poor posture, environmental conditions, mental-emotional disorders, and an improper diet to name a few. We can moderate the impact of these negative conditions through awareness and promote healthy circulation and balance within the natural cycles of our lifestyle.

There are many natural cycles requiring healthy circulation that we should be closely aware of in order to monitor our health such as sleep patterns, dietary habits, digestion, affects of climate changes, menstrual cycles, breathing patterns, blood circulation, and more.

An overactive lifestyle without proper rest promotes circulatory imbalance. Emotional disturbances such as stress, depression or anger can form uneven breathing patterns, muscle tension or poor posturing, which promote imbalances. Typical patterns of irregular or excessive eating habits develop more imbalances that lead to such disorders as acid reflux, abdominal fullness, weight gain, and irregular bowel movements. Harsh environmental conditions including cold weather or simply drinking ice water can cause contraction within the body and obstruct circulation. Poor posture can restrict deeper respiration and hinder blood circulation. Arguments are conversations whose circulation has become stagnant through a persistent disagreement instead of agreeing to disagree.

Through awareness of these natural cycles and negative conditions, we can balance the natural cycles in our lifestyle and promote smooth and unobstructed circulation that will prevent disease and guard our health.

Christopher Carlow, D. Ac. Doctor of Acupuncture Date: 9/8/05


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