Time for Cleansing! Your Invitation…

It’s Detox and Cleansing Time!

Well it’s the start to a new year and I’m getting ready to do some cleansing. Are you in? If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, and re-energize after all the holiday festivities you’ll find below interesting and you’ll want to Click here to Reserve Your Spot for my FREE online webinar.

Instead of relying on fad diets, artificial stimulation and harmful drugs, I believe taking control of your health naturally is the way to go.

Your diet is a good place to start.

Below are 5 problems with the average American diet

  1. overloaded with hidden sugars
  2. excess carbohydrate intake
  3. unhealthy trans-fats
  4. nutrient deficient processed foods (also a source of toxins)
  5. excessive portion sizes

And here’s a big one that makes body function sluggish – TOXINS. The body can get clogged up with harmful toxins that weaken our natural ability to heal and feel good.

Toxins are all around us – the air we breath, the food we eat. It’s difficult to avoid them but you can make simple efforts to support cleansing naturally if you know how.

You may not realize but our bodies even make natural toxins such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, oxidized fats that need to be removed from the body. The liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, blood and skin help breakdown and filter these toxins.

As we get older these cleansing organs get overwhelmed and tired. They need help! You probably can recognize that it’s important to have preventive practices to help detox the body naturally to feel your best.

Here’s your invitation to my FREE live webinar event called21 Day Purification Program more on this below. Click here to Reserve Your Spot

What’s more? Chronic stress causes a chronic secretion of stress hormones – more toxins. This unnatural and excessive demand drains the body’s natural resources making healing and recovery more challenging. Chronic pain and fatigue sets. Toxic buildup becomes overwhelming.

More challenges are piled on to a tired body to process – Ugggg!

Minimizing harmful effects of toxic overload can be done by having a dietary practice that cleanses the body internally.

The point here is a matter that goes deeper than just weight control – think detoxing, cleansing, purification.

Some people struggle to manage their weight because they have a complex of internal imbalances displayed as low energy, insomnia, impaired body function, poor digestion, immune challenges, poor concentration, low libido, constipation, liver congestion, poor circulation, or complex hormonal imbalances.

In the clinic, I offer a purification program to cleanse and get body function back on the right track for better healing and optimal health support.

Inviting You to Join / Ask Questions

On Thursday January 12th, 2017 I will be giving a free webinar online to explain the program in detail. For more info Click here for this free event. Watch this free information-based webinar and see if it can be helpful.

Click here to Reserve Your Spot

Register for the REPLAY too! – If you can’t make the live date register so you can get the link for the free replay.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year!


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