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More Reviews

Testimonial: 21 Purification Program

I’ve just finished the 21 day Standard Process Purification Program and have never felt better.  I am 14 lbs lighter and elated!  And feel that this program was such a great jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle. Never once did I feel deprived or hungry- I didn’t even crave chips (my greatest weakness).  Just knowing that I could eat an unlimited amount of vegetables made me feel unrestricted.  I could get creative with my meals and tried several juicing techniques that I never tried before and they were delicious with the SP Complete.

I highly recommend this program and wish I had started last year when Chris had first mentioned it to me!


Testimonial: SI (Sacro-iliac) Joint Pain

I have suffered for quite a few years from a sore SI joint and a cranky sacrum. During my first visit to Dr. Chris he took the time to talk with me in detail about the pain I was experiencing and treatments I had tried in the past. He knew I was nervous and took the time to explain what he thought was happening within my body and how acupuncture could help. After about six treatments the pain was under control. Dr. Chris also took the time to show me a number of passive exercises, which if done daily, help strengthen the back. It’s been almost 2 months since my last treatment. My sacrum still gets cranky once in a while, a reminder to my lazy self to do the exercises. Overall, acupuncture really helped.

Thanks Dr. Chris.

~Lori B.

Note: SI joint pain is located between the sacral bone at the base of the spine and the left and right hip (iliac) bone.

Testimonial: Fibromyalgia & Psoriatic Arthritis

I have been for acupuncture treatments with others but while visiting in Warwick, I decided to make an appointment with Dr.Chris since I read about how caring and professional he is. He took the time to listen to me and he genuinely wanted to help me solve my health issues. Imagine a doctor who listens and doesn’t treat you like other doctors who rush you through the appointment so that they could treat lots of patients in a day.

What I discovered in my first and subsequent visits was how he helped me in so many ways. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis, both very painful. Acupuncture helped me tremendously with the pain. In addition I have been suffering with not only pain in my right shoulder and neck but I could not stretch my right arm past just above my waist. I went for many visits to my doctors and still suffered. During my second visit to Dr. Chris he introduced me to “cupping” and gave me a treatment on my shoulder. I was literally shocked with the results-pain was very mild and I could extend my right arm above my head with ease. My third visit eliminated the pain in my right arm and as an added surprise, the cupping treatment in combination with acupuncture stopped my hands from shaking another problem diagnosed as non-essential tremor.

WOW-several weeks and my shoulder is still pain free and my Fibro and Arthritis pain is very mild.

I cannot recommend Dr Chris Carlow enough.

Thanks Doc!!

~J (Fibromyalgia & Psoriatic Arthritis)

Testimonial: Dr. C is more than just an Acupuncture Doctor…

Dr. C is more than just an acupuncture doctor, he is also a kind, gentle and knowledgeable man. While treating me for joint pain in my hands and fingers he has not only eased the discomfort on the physical level and the blockages on the energetic level, he has also helped me to broaden my understanding of how my diet and my general way of being in the world affect me physically. Our conversations during treatment have helped to broaden my view.

~Claudette F. (stiff and painful hands/fingers)

Testimonial: Moxabustion & Acupuncture for Breech baby at 36 weeks into pregnancy

I’d like to thank you for the Moxa/Acupuncture treatment you performed before we gave birth to our beautiful daughter on May 1st! Little Miss Lelaina had flipped into the breech position 36 weeks into my pregnancy, and we really wanted to avoid a C-section if at all possible.

I began working with my yoga instructor to correct her positioning, and combined that with the treatment in your office. My husband Mike continued the Moxa treatment every day at home, and we hoped for the best! When I went into labor at 38 weeks and 3 days, we were informed that our baby was head down and ready to make her entrance! She did remain in the posterior position, but we successfully avoided a C-section and delivered a healthy, 8lb 10oz baby girl, vaginally after 30 hours of labor (and only a short 3 hours of active labor)!

We are convinced that the moxa/acupuncture combined with the yoga positions was the key to our success, and we hope that others can reap the benefits as well!

Thanks again! ~Shannon

Testimonial: Tai Chi for Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program

Just a short note to express my appreciation for the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program.

Following up on my wife’s great recommendation and suggestion, I signed up for my first class. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but I’m now a believer.

The class paced learning and the repetition have allowed me to learn the forms which upon first seeing I told myself “I’ll never be able to memorize those steps.” Christopher Carlow, our instructor provides constant and helpful guidance and advice and after a while the entire class is moving in harmony. The helpful hints about breathing and stress relief are an added bonus.

So far, I’ve attended four different Tai Chi for Arthritis classes or sessions of six weeks each. I look forward to continuing with additional sessions in the future.


Jeffrey V. (Warwick, RI)

Testimonial: Tai Chi for Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program

Dear Chris,

I feel very fortunate to have participated in your class, Tai Chi for Arthritis, offered through Women and Infants Hospital. While it has certainly helped to relieve many physical symptoms, I did not expect so many added benefits. This series of exercises are not strenuous and leaves me feeling very relaxed, very centered and focused. The emphasis on breathing and balance is something I can practice repeatedly throughout the day without interrupting my normal activities. I would encourage anyone of any age to try this gentle form of exercise.


Jo (Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program Student)

Testimonial: “Maybe I won’t need the knee replacement surgery”

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program

(Address to staff at Women & Infants Center for Health Education – East Greenwich, RI)

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to tell you how much the Tai Chi has helped me. I have arthritis in both of my knees and am going to have replacement surgery next month so I didn’t know if I could even participate in this class.

I cannot tell you how helpful it has been. The instructor goes through each position and movement so slowly and carefully. He showed us one day how to come down on our heel as we took a step forward, which, of course everyone knows! Right? Well, no, some time in the past months, possibly years, I began walking flat footed because of the pain in my knees. As a result, I shuffle along with very short steps. I couldn’t wait to get out of class and try to walk heel to toe. It felt so odd to walk that way but I noticed the pain not being so bad. I have to remind myself to walk that way now but sometimes I forget and my knees begin crying out in pain, then I remember the way I am supposed to walk. It seems weird to me that I “forgot” the correct way to walk somewhere along the way.

My knees feel so much better! Maybe I won’t need the knee replacement surgery. I love the Tai Chi class so much that I do it at home every day now.

Thank you for offering it.

Deanna L. (Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program Student)

Testimonial: Allergies

Dr. Chris, I want to thank you so much for today’s visit. Before treatment my sinuses were really bothering me. Immediately after treatment, and even during I felt so much better. I appreciate that each time I have treatment you are personable, educational and instrumental in providing great care and ways in which one can learn to live a healthier life style. I’m looking forward to continued treatment with you and taking your Tai Chi class. ~ MJ

Testimonial: Fibromyalgia, Bulging Cervical Disk, Arthritis, Depression

In 2007, I found out that I had a bulging disc in my neck, along with deterioration in a vertebra, a bone spur, arthritis and stenosis. I was trying everything I could think of to rehabilitate my neck and avoid surgery. After a year of physical therapy, I thought there was nothing left for me to try. But, then I met Chris and decided to try acupuncture. I felt some relief from my neck pain almost immediately and realized that this could help me! I began regular treatments and the pain relief became more consistent.

Over time, I also began seeing an improvement in my fibromyalgia symptoms. I no longer wake up each morning with joint pain and stiffness and I have noticed more physical stamina in all that I do. My energy levels have increased and I no longer feel depressed.

I have been going for acupuncture treatments for almost a year now, along with taking Chris’ tai chi/chi kung class. I have benefited tremendously from adding both of these therapies into my health regimen. I think that this combination, along with a positive attitude, has changed my health and my life.

I would highly recommend to anyone that they should try both acupuncture and tai chi/chi kung. I am so grateful that I did.

~ Kris B.

Testimonial: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety

Last year my life changed for the better when I started weekly acupuncture sessions with Dr. Chris Carlow.

Previously I had pain from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and also experienced anxiety.

The weekly sessions for acupuncture eliminated the pain I had from fibromyalgia and also caused me to be less anxious.

Dr. Carlow has given me a healthier life.

~ Ann Z.

Testimonial: Fibromyalgia

About a year ago, I saw an ad for a free consultation from an acupuncturist in my area. I have fibromyalgia, which affects my muscles. It can be very painful. I decided to make an appointment to see what he had to say. At that appointment I met Chris Carlow, who seemed to be a very kind and caring person. I felt so comfortable with him, I decided to take a chance and have a treatment.

I have continued to see Chris for the past year. Chris is a very compassionate person who cares about his patients very much.

Today I am doing much better than a year ago. I have been able to cut down on Celebrex that I have been taken for years. I now take about 4 pills a month instead of 30 and my muscle pain has decreased.

The treatments have made the quality of my life so much better.

~ Sheila B.

Testimonial: Chronic Pain

By permission – a partial letter from Gil W to his MD – Dr. Jennifer Gass, MD

Dear Dr. Gass,

At your suggestion I have had my 2nd acupuncture treatment and am experiencing a noticeable abatement in discomfort. Hopefully, as you indicated, this course of treatment will help me avoid another surgery. I have scheduled 4 more sessions.

During my last visit you indicated that acupuncture might give me relief but you did not have an acupuncturist you could refer. After only 2 treatments I feel much better and have great confidence in Dr. Carlow. Please consider referring Dr. Christopher Carlow in similar situations.

Thank You

~ Gil W.

Testimonial: Migraines, Neck & Shoulder Pain

After the first treatment migraines pain decreased to a mild pressure (pain decreased from an 8 to a 2). Some (relief) with neck pain. Shoulder had a mild discomfort. By (the) third treatment no nore migraines and neck pain, stress level decreased, tension decreased.

You have made me a believer just after one treatment I noticed a dramatic improvement in pain relief. I will be recommending your services & treatment to others.

~ Christine O.

note: pain scale referencing the decrease from 8 to 2 on a pain scale of 1 to 10 where by 10 is the subjective highest experienced history of pain.

Testimonial: Tai Chi for Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program

Dear Dr. Carlow, I want to thank you for the individualized, quality instruction you have provided in class, As you know, I have had neurological damage that has severely impacted my balance and I have had to work hard to retrain my mind in order to be able to walk. At the time that I was well enough to join your class I seemed to have plateaued and did not expect a great deal of improvement. Your patience, explanations and encouragement have brought me a long way. The Tai Chi forms allow me to recognize my specific strengths and weaknesses in motor planning and execution. The patient focusing on discrete weaknesses seems to have improved automaticity when I walk. It is wonderful to be able to walk without thinking about each and every individual step.

~ Marion S., Women & Infants East Greenwich Classes

Testimonial: 21 Purification Program

I have recently completed my second 21 day cleanse.  This has been an amazing experience that has helped clear my body of the cravings for processed foods.  With the help of Dr. C, I am now able to make better food choices and have drastically changed my eating habits.  It is a learning process though.  After the first cleanse, I tried to continue eating the foods that are recommended but started to go back to old habits.  As soon as I found myself doing that, I did another cleanse.  I am now better able to control the cravings.  I feel the more times I do the cleanse, the more by body is reprogrammed and cravings begin to dissipate.  The key to this cleanse is to always have food prepared and available.  With this change, I have so much more energy.  There are foods that I used to eat that I can no longer even bring myself to eat.  It is a very interesting change for me and I am thrilled that I am moving away from old, bad eating habits.  I could not have done this without Dr. C’s help and guidance.  The cleanse is well worth the effort!  I highly recommend it.

~ Susan