sadness affects lung function

How The Emotion Sadness Affects Lung Function

Did you know the emotion sadness affects lung function and the chest region? The coming and going of emotions are a normal human experience but a chronic emotional experience can unbalance health.

Functional energy, known as Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, needs to flow with regularity for optimal body function. Emotions can be better understood as energy patterns and have a great influence on qi flow.

Sadness has a shrinking or collapsing energy pattern. This shrinking feeling inhibits the lungs ability to expand upon inhalation and can lead to unhealthy respiratory function.

Inhalation is the active part of breathing. When inhaling, contracting muscles around the lungs stretches the lungs open to allow air to enter. Relaxing these contracting muscles lets the lungs return to their original size and the air is expelled. The shrinking energy pattern of sadness inhibits the expanding action of inhalation. This emotional energy pattern is not only felt but it can also be observed.

Deep sadness can result in sobbing which is the body’s natural breathing response to correct this negative energy pattern. The breathing pattern of sobbing can be described as quick inhalations that are often audible – quickly sucking in air in short bursts. Sadness causes the body’s qi to shrink. Sobbing is the natural therapeutic response that creates a strong inhalation to expand the lungs. The expanding energy pattern of sobbing fights against the shrinking energy pattern of sadness.

Awareness and prevention are the essentials for maintaining health. Being aware of chronic emotional patterns can help you choose the best methods of prevention to support your health.

For some, external experiences of loss as an example can make one feel sad but others can feel sad for no apparent reason. Feelings can come from external or internal causes. Internal imbalances in the lung system (i.e. asthma, shortness of breath) can cause a negative energy pattern that impedes lung expansion  (inhalation) and lead to emotional imbalances or feeling sad. Restoring balance is key.

Daily doses of sadness over time can inhibit the respiratory system and lead to a variety of signs and symptoms such as:

  • Chest-discomfort
  • Weak cough
  • Weak voice
  • Lack of desire to speak
  • Exhausted appearance
  • Shortness of breath-worse with exertion / breathlessness
  • Asthma
  • Chronic phlegm and mucus conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Spontaneous daytime sweating
  • Low resistance to respiratory infections
  • Pale bright face
  • Crying

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