How to Exercise Weak Joints Safely

If you have joint problems like arthritis, herniated discs, instability you’ll learn in this video some simple suggestions to strengthen those joints and keep you moving in a safe and health yway.

How to Exercise Weak Joints Safely – Especially for Arthritis Type Conditions

Main Points:

  • Avoid moving the joint under heavy weight or with strong force
  • Strengthen the muscles around the joint by tightening them without repetitive movement or limited movement – think isometrics / holding tension in muscles without movement.
    – (Isometrics are done in static positions, rather than being dynamic through a range of motion.)
  • Loosen the joint gently in a circular fashion (clockwise / counter-clockwise) without lots of weight or force.
  • Good health is about good circulation. Joints need to bend to increase circulation and improve joint health. A compromised joint, that is weak, could result in injury if repetitive movement is done with too much weight and force.

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