Fermented Veggies for Digestive Health

Fermented Veggies for Digestive Health

Have you tried fermented veggies for digestive health?

Being focused on what to eat is important but if you can’t digest food well it doesn’t matter. Maintaining good digestive health is important but how? A traditional diet practice for maintaining good digestive health is to eat fermented veggies. There are, culturally, a wide range of fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso and more – checkout this list here.

I want to emphasis fermented veggies over probiotic supplements in this article because it is the triple threat to improve digestion and ward off uninvited ailments from entering through the digestive tract – something most probiotic supplements can’t provide. Here’s why:

  1. Health-Benefiting Bacteria (good gut bugs)- Fermentation promotes the growth of naturally occurring and beneficial bacteria living particularly in our large intestine also know as probiotics.
  2. Beneficial Bacteria Feeds on Fiber – fibrous foods like vegetables provide the food for the probiotics to thrive. Probiotic supplements aren’t typically packaged with fibrous food.
  3. Acidifies the Gut – beneficial bacteria breaks down fibrous vegetables and produces an acidic byproduct giving the fermented vegetable a sour taste

It’s important to note that fermented vegetables supports digestion by acidify the digestive tract.

There are 2 benefits of an acidic digestive tract

  1. Acid breaks down or digest food for better absorption – this is why being on ante-acids for too long is only preventing good digestion not helping.
    1. signs of bad digestion include – bloating, rumbling sounds and gas.
  2. An acidic environment kills off bad gut bugs (bacteria, fungus, parasites) – an acidic digestive tract an inhospitable environment for bad gut bugs and limits their ability to thrive but the good gut bugs loves an acidic environment – this is the important and beneficial symbiotic relationship between the good bacteria and our health.

Some people have trouble eating fibrous foods but there are other health issues going on that is beyond the scope of this article.

In the next article I’ll show you a simple way to make fermented veggies and how to eat them – if you’ve never experienced fermented veggies you’ll be surprise on how they taste and how easy they are to prepare.

Bon appetite!



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