boo boo kisses and band-aids

Health Tips for Kids – Boo Boo Kisses and Band-Aids

Boo Boo Kisses and Band-Aids are comforting and help form great family bonds.

Here’s a fun tip! There are important moments that strengthen the bonds between parents and their children. Sometimes though, these important moments are overlooked and disregarded because there are so many other apparently important things to focus on in our stressful, fast-pace lives.

I think it’s important to identify those little things that mean a lot to our little ones. Recognizing these moments and taking the time to process these little moments can really help to strengthen those family bonds.

There are so many little things that can be a moment of bonding that get overlooked – brushing a child’s teeth, reading a story before putting a child to bed, giving a child a drink of water in their favorite sippy cup and more.

The other day I was in a rush and my youngest daughter Valentina had a little red dot on one of her fingers. It was slightly irritated and she wanted me to look at it. I was busy doing work around the house and she chased me around trying to get my attention. I had to snap myself into the NOW, stop, be present and focus on her.

I looked at her little finger with the little red dot on it and thought quietly and quickly to myself – ok, no biggie, nothing broken, next! LOL! Then I paused for a moment and got out of busy mode and into parent mode and thought let’s see what we can do to comfort my little one.

I sat her on a chair and gave that little finger with the red dot a good inspection and evaluation. I told her it looks like a boo boo! I asked her if I could give it a boo boo kiss to make it feel better and she said, “ok” with her sad little voice.

Then I said, “I think you need a band-aid.” I asked her, “would you like a band-aid?” she said, “yes Daddy”. Ok! “Let’s go get a band-aid my little one”, We happily cheered and ran to the bathroom! She knew where the band-aid box was in the bathroom and beat me to it. She helped me open the package.

I carefully explained to her that we have to place that band-aid carefully and perfectly on that little finger for it to feel better. “Hold your finger still and I’ll wrap it up nice”, I said. Yea! We did it! Mission accomplished! She jumped up and down and we shouted with joy!

That was a bonding moment. Good stuff! My little one was happy and that little moment made me feel great as well. After that, she went back to taking cardboard boxes out of the recycle to put her stuffed animals and Shopkins in and I went back to doing the dishes and mopping up the floor.

Boo boo kisses and band-aids. Good times at the Carlow residence! Life can be fun, you just have to be in the moment!

Do you have great health tips for kids? feel free to share. I invite you to enter any tips, comments or questions in the reply section down below.

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