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Health Tips for Kids – The Fox and the Tiger

Ever hear the fable about the Fox and the Tiger?

I love children’s stories because they often have a great message. There is a Chinese story called The Fox and The Tiger. It’s a story about how a fox exploits a tiger’s might.

I’ll paraphrase the story here;

One day a tiger was hunting. The tiger’s powerful teeth and claws entangled a fox! The fox pretended to be annoyed and said, “how dare you try to eat me!”. I have been put in charge of all animals in the kingdom by God, the highest and infinite power. If you disobey God’s will you surely will be cast out of this great kingdom!

The tiger looked at the fox in disbelief! The fox said, “if you don’t belief me, follow me and see for yourself.”

Filled with doubt and curiosity, the tiger decided to follow the fox to see what he was up to. The fox walked boldly through the forest amongst all the animals with the tiger close behind. As they walked, all the animals scattered out of fear as they approached.

The tiger was in awe! Convinced that the fox spoke the truth, the tiger set the fox free.

When I first heard this story I thought the fox was pretty smart to outwit the tiger and get the tiger to spare his life but there’s more. I found a reference to this story that explained how it was based on a warring time in china’s history.

There was a General named Zhao, from the state of Chu, who was feared by the northern warlords. The King of Chu asked his officials in the imperial court if this was true. The officials explained to the King that General Zhao leads the King’s army of 100, 000 soldiers like the fox in the parable leading the tiger. The northern warlords are afraid of the massive army just like the animals are afraid of the tiger.

So this story is often used to identify bullies who suppress others when they are associated with someone in a powerful position or with powerful connections. The fox may enjoy his power for a short time, but he will pay for his stolen power when his trick is uncovered.


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