ginger honey tea health tips for kids

Health Tips for Kids – Ginger Honey Tea

Mmmm Ginger Honey Tea! Good for the tummy!

Runny nose, sneezing, cold face and hands, cold belly, neck and upper back aches, belly aches, low energy – maybe it’s time for ginger honey tea!

When the kids get sick and catch a cold I tried to have some natural remedies around the house to comfort them. I have to say that I still haven’t got my children to try ginger in tea form because they find it too spicy but some others do like it so I’ll pass this tip along as one I’ve shared with my patients.

The previously mentioned signs and symptoms appear when catching a cold. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a cold would be diagnosed as a Wind Cold Invasion. The body is being invaded by cold. Cold weakens immune function and an opportunistic bug, bacteria or virus gets in and makes you sick. The body’s ability to regulate its temperature gets blocked and the common symptom is feeling cold.

Traditional Chinese Dietary principles classify foods and herbs as having a thermal nature. Foods that are warming treat conditions that are cold. Foods that are cooling balance and treat conditions that are hot.

A food with a warm thermal nature like ginger is not warm because it was cooked. Ginger naturally has a warming ability. Cutting the ginger root up into about 6 – 10 thick coin size slices and low boiling it for 10 minutes can help bring out its therapeutic properties and knock the chill out of catching a cold. Add honey to flavor it up. Honey is also a warming and helpful when feeling cold.

The Chinese sweetened up ginger for kids by making candied ginger to eat. You can find candied ginger in the store. It’s quick and easy when feeling cold to eat a piece of candied ginger.

Ginger is also a digestive aid. The digestive system, in TCM, is likened to a furnace that cooks and breaks down the food. Eating cold or raw foods can weaken the digestive fires. Spicing your meals up with warming spices like black pepper, ginger, onion, garlic and cumin can add a warming value to foods making it easier to digest.

Ginger is good for colds and a cold stomach. If you feel cold it can help. Signs of a cold stomach can be a lack of appetite, belly aches, feeling cold, cold nose or hands, diarrhea, constipation, feeling nauseous, gassy or bloated.

Ginger honey tea is safe and can be very helpful for nausea during pregnancy.

I’ve tried ginger tea myself many times for digestive discomfort and cold symptoms. I have experienced runny noses that will stop if I catch it early enough by drinking some ginger honey tea.

Ginger honey tea can be very helpful and comforting for the little ones when they catch a cold or have digestive discomfort. For kids, make the ginger flavor mild and make sure the honey flavor stands out and they might like it.

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