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Health Tips for Kids – Glass Half Full

Is your glass half full or half empty?

I think it’s helpful to get philosophical now and then to see what children can grasp. I like to try and apply these lessons in life to prep them for challenges later in life as they get older.

One concept I always tried to convey to my oldest daughter when she was as young as 6 was “the glass half full concept”.

You can look at life in a negative way, pessimistically and always focus on what you don’t have and what’s not going well – this is the glass is half empty perspective. Or you can look at the bad in life and try to turn it into a positive life lesson. You can focus on what you have and gain a sense of contentment from a more constructive perspective. You can maintain an optimistic and positive outlook through the journey of life – this is the glass is half full perspective.

There are a lot of big words here for a child to understand but a glass being half full or empty is a simpler concept.

So when my child gets toys for Christmas or a birthday and the next day she asks for more toys, I point out the gifts she received and I say to her, “Is your glass half empty or half full?”

It’s a work in progress but it plants a seed in a child’s head and helps to shift her perspective to a more grounded and humble position.

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