The Golden Rule and Encouragement

Health Tips for Kids – The Golden Rule and Encouragement

Do you remember the Golden Rule?

Being a parent is such an important job. I believe parents are the most important pillars of support for a healthy society. Parents are responsible for raising the next generation. And having a Golden Rule or something to guide their parenting is healthful.

It’s an awesome responsibility to be a parent and guardian of another human being. I feel blessed as a father to participate in raising my children.

I’d like to share some advice I was given when I was just starting my journey through parenthood. Remember the Golden Rule that Jesus taught, ““Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When there’s tension in relationships between my kids and others I like get my kids to focus on how others might feel to expand their perception beyond their own little world. It’s something to develop as a child’s mind and character matures.

Another important tip is to practice encouragement over ridicule with a child. Encouraging is, of course, positive and supportive compared to ridicule. Scorning, mocking and teasing can leave negative impression and scares that a child can carry for a lifetime. Negativity can create more negativity and become destructive.

Encouraging a child, cheering them on, believing in them, being hopeful and inspiring can leave lasting impressions that are uplifting and positive.

If life was filled with more encouragement and less ridicule, even for adults, the world would definitely be a brighter place.

Be encouraging, make it infectious and let those good vibrations spread far and wide.

The Golden Rule and Encouragement – Try it.

Do you have some great tips to share? Let’s continue the conversation. I invite you to enter any tips, comments or questions in the reply section down below.

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