sore muscles and electrolytes

Health Tips for Kids – Sore Muscles and Electrolytes

Do the little ones get sore muscles? Check this out.

Occasionally, my 3rd grade daughter will complain about sore legs. It usually happens when she overdoes it activity-wise but at first I wasn’t catching on to it.

One day she had a challenging event in gym class at school. She came home and said, “ Dad! I did good in gym today!”. They tested the kid’s physical abilities in gym class on this day in school. She told me she ran back and forth about 70 times.

The next day she complained of sore leg muscles. I massage her legs, before she went to bed, thinking it will be better after a good night’s sleep.

Well the sore-leg-muscle-thingy went on for about 4 days. A sports-minded person said to me, “ya know, after I do a lot of running and sweating I need to hydrate my body with something that has electrolytes in it to replenish the electrolytes I sweated out during the exercise”.

A-ha! The light went on. I didn’t have that special water with electrolytes but I understood how to create a substitute. Before going to bed on that 4th night I gave my daughter a drink mixture of water, fresh lemon and honey. The next day she said the pain was almost gone and she loved the drink too!

In the future, I made a note to make an effort to have some water in the house with electrolytes as a quick fix to take on the go but as a backup you can use lemon and honey. Lemon and honey are packed with electrolytes and minerals that can definitely be restorative when there’s muscle soreness from over-exertion.

Do you have great health tips for kids? feel free to share. I invite you to enter any tips, comments or questions in the reply section down below.

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