lemon honey tea health tips for kids

Healthy Tips for Kids – Lemon Honey Tea

Lemon Honey Tea is great for you and me and the kids too!

When you child gets a sore throat who you gonna call…Ghostbusters? Don’t be silly! Yes, you may consider getting tested for strep but for comforting purposes through the ordeal why not make your child feel better with some lemon honey tea?

Whenever the kids get sick you need tricks and tips to reach for to sooth them and get them through a very uncomfortable time.

I always have lemons and honey in the house. You don’t have to do any fancy tea making or cooking. Stick a cup of water in the microwave and warm it up. Kids are sensitive and hot drinks might not be easy for them to take unless they are really cold. I just warm up a small cup of water for 30 seconds to a minute. I squeeze a wedge of lemon in a sippy cup, drizzle in some honey. I add the water last so it mixes everything together and I pass it off to my little sick one.

They sip away with a smile on their face. Ah! Lemon honey tea! It makes them feel good and it also makes me feel helpful. I think all parents want to be helpful.

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