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Holiday Gift Certificates Available 2016!

Gift Certificates Are Available!

Seasons Greetings

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Gift Certificates can be purchased by phone
401-219-6446 or
drop in to the clinic – 982 Tiogue Ave, Coventry RI.

Any Separate Integrative Health Therapy$40 each (listed below):

  • Herbal Medicine Consult (board-certified herbalist with formal education) – A detailed analysis of signs & symptoms to uncover a pattern of disease & formulate a high-quality, professional-grade herbal prescription.(herbs require a separate fee)
  • Whole Food Supplement Consult – Symptom survey, consult & evaluation to identify personal needs for specific nutrients based on whole food supplements.(supplements require a separate fee)
  • Private Instruction in Mind-Body Therapies (30 minutes) Tai Chi, Qigong or Meditation/Stress Reduction practices & principles modified to individual health concerns & interests
  • Traditional Lifestyle Consult Identify imbalances in natural lifestyle patterns & develop health practices in prevention based on the wellness principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Lifestyle patterns include analysis of diet, digestion, exercise, sleep, relationships, sex life, work, life changes, mental-emotional patterns, bathroom habits, climatic influences and much more.

Christmas Time
Happy Holidays!


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