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Carol - Massage Therapist Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine RI

Carol Montanye, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist


$60 per hour

90 minute session recommended

Massage Therapy

Carol has been in the complimentary health care field since 1996. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health, from the Clayton school. Carol’s massage education was 1000 hours at The Center for Natural Wellness located in Albany N.Y.. Training also included Reiki 1,2 & advanded. She has taken Aviana training as well as Holographic re-patterning.

Carol has been a N.Y.S. licensed therapist since 2001, A hospice volunteer for 20 years, including private care with clients. Carol served as an E.M.T. from 1996-1999 and contracted at a Holistic clinic in North Carolina for several years. Carol is a nationally certified massage therapist and is also licensed as a Massage Therapist in the State of Rhode Island.

Carol’s Intuitive Massage Therapy is effective for many situations. She also trained in Contact-Reflex-Analysis with therapeutic nutrition. Her unique style includes Cranial- sacral, Myofascial-unwinding, Trauma release, Shiatsu as well as postural education for your particular areas of concern.

“Your body holds memory of stress, trauma and life experience. This can be released through a combination of massage and energetic techniques, I listen to your body with my hands and am guided to the areas that need release first.” ~ Carol

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