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Natural Health Tips for Kids – Tui Na Massage for Kids

Have you tried Tui Na Massage for kids?

Massage is a great way to help your child with everyday aches and pains. Massage for kids can also help promote a more mindful connection with their body.

A form of Chinese massage called Tui Na massage was taught at the World Medicine Institute during my studies of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Hawai’i. It’s a therapeutic style of massage that doesn’t typical use oils on the body.

Every night before going to bed I often sit on the bed with my daughter. As she sits and reads I do simple massage techniques on mostly her legs – squeezing the muscles down the legs to the feet. I also spend time rubbing her feet as well. It’s simple to do. We get to spend some time together before she goes to bed and it helps her to relax making for a more peaceful sleep.

Simple massage techniques can be a great way to develop deeper bonds with your child. It can be a family tradition that gets passed down – something Mom or Dad can do that is healthful! There’s nothing like natural medicine to do a body good.

Whenever my daughters complain of belly aches I rub their belly in a circle following the large intestines path. This is a clockwise circle around the naval. If there are digestive problems like nausea or constipation it can be helpful. This is a simple technique to bring comfort. They always say they feel better after. Use a gentle touch. You don’t have to press too hard.

Tui Na massage is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and promotes the circulation of the body’s Blood and Qi or vital energy. You can simply press or squeeze the arm and leg muscles starting close to the body and moving outward toward the hands and feet. Position your child face down over a pillow so their back is slightly arched and relaxed. Spend some time rubbing the back muscles. Focus on the soft tissue between the bones of the spine and shoulder blades. Start by rubbing the neck muscles and then work your way down to the low back and down the legs to the feet to help sedate and relax the body.

I often teach my patients self-care techniques based on Tui Na massage, Chi Kung or Tai Chi. If you have children or a partner, try it and see how it works for you.

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