Pin Yin

What is Pin Yin?

Ever wonder why Tai Chi or the full name Tai Chi Chuan is spelled Tai Ji Quan or Chi Kung is Spelled Qi Gong? This info should clear up some confusion.

Qi | Chinese CharacterPin Yin, more formally known as Hanyu Pinyin, is the accepted standard used by the Peoples Republic of China for transcribing Chinese characters based on standard Mandarin into the Roman (Latin) alphabet. (click here for more info)

The ministry of Education for the Peoples Republic of China developed Hanyu Pinyin in 1954 superceding older Romanized systems such as Wade-Giles (1859).

Pin Yin literally means Pin – “to combine or to spell” and Yin – “sound.” referring to a simple translation based on phonetics.

Pinyin or Wade-Giles translations are often mixed causing confusion. See the chart below for a comparison.

Chi KungQi Gong
Tai Chi ChuanTai Ji Quan
I ChingYi Jing
Lao TzuLao Zi
Tao Te ChingDao De Jing
ConfuciusKong Zi
Sun TzuSun Zi
Kung FuGong Fu
Chuang TzuZhuang Zi
Lieh TzuLie Zi
Wu WeiWu Wei
Kuan Yin/Quan YinGuan Yin


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