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Practical Tai Chi | Chi Kung Health Tips – Back Strengthening Tip

Here’s another Practical Tai Chi | Chi Kung Health Tip – Back Strengthening Tip

This series of health tips is based on Tai Chi/Chi Kung health-supporting principles that everyone can apply. These tips are specially designed for people looking for minimal effort with maximum gain – a simple, practical and efficient approach to exercise.

Simple – easy to remember, easy to perform
Practical – being able to take it with you, not being tied to a gym.
Efficient – not having to spend much time or integrating it into your daily activities

This series is based on these key points:

  1. We need to keep the body strong as we age – use it or lose it.
  2. Best body regions to exercise for maximum benefit – legs, back (core), shoulders, ankles

On to the tip!

Back Strengthening Tip

Curly: I got a weak back?
Moe: How long have you had this weak back?
Curly: Oh, about a week back.

A little Three Stooges humor! I know..very little, right!

Now the back is part of the core of our body – a vital area that the rest of the body is attached to and relies on. If the back is weak the entire body is affected. Oh no! Say it isn’t so? Sorry, it is so!

Here’s the simple tip: Instead of sitting back in your chair or slouching when standing or sitting at your desk. Elongate your spine, sit and stand tall without back support periodically throughout your day. This will challenge not only your back muscles, but most core muscles in your lower torso and keep your center strong and reliable.

Set goals for yourself. If you’re watching TV, try only sitting back in your chair during commercials and then straighten up when the movie comes back on or visa versa. Create intervals and goals that will gently take you from a weak back to a strong back over a period of several weeks.

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Look for more upcoming Practical Tai Chi | Chi Kung Health Tips! Stay Health My Friends!

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