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Practical Tai Chi | Chi Kung Health Tips – Thigh Strengthening Tip

Try these Health Tips based on Tai Chi and Chi Kung Principles – Thigh Strengthening Tip

This series of health tips is based on Tai Chi/Chi Kung health-supporting principles that everyone can apply. These tips are specially designed for people looking for minimal effort with maximum gain – a simple, practical and efficient approach to exercise.

Simple – easy to remember, easy to perform
Practical – being able to take it with you, not being tied to a gym.
Efficient – not having to spend much time or integrating it into your daily activities

This series is based on these key points:

  1. We need to keep the body strong as we age – use it or lose it.
  2. Best body regions to exercise for maximum benefit – legs, back (core), shoulders, ankles

On to the tip!

Thigh Strengthening Tip

Your legs need to stay strong to carry your body weight and maintain good balance. I see many patients as they age really struggle with weak legs.

The practical way to maintain good leg strength is to take a tip from the practice of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a series of slow, mindful movements sequenced together taking about 20 minutes to complete. During the entire sequence the entire body weight is being shifted from one leg to the other very slowly. Balance and mental focus is gently challenged, but more particularly for today’s tip each leg individually has to carry the entire weight of the body.

This is a weight-bearing exercise for the legs that can maintain good muscle strength particularly in the thighs and…and…and we also know that weight bearing exercises keep bones strong too. Oh a bonus! Nice!

So how can we make this tip practical? Anytime you’re standing, say when washing dishes, watering the garden, standing in line at the bank, waiting for the kids to get their shoes on, whenever and where ever you are standing simply bend your knees slightly and slowly shift your weight from one leg to the other. The entire weight of your body will challenge the muscles in your thighs. Your thighs should feel slightly tense and challenged.

Note: Knees are bent slightly – make sure your knees are not over-extended past your toes. You should be able to look down and see your toes without your “slightly bended knees” blocking your view.

Maintain good posture through this practice – stand tall but it’s very important to bend your knees. Locked knees don’t challenge the thigh muscles.

How long should you stay on one leg? This is where you can set higher goals for yourself. Start by counting using your breath – cycle your breath 3 times (inhale & exhale x 3) then shift to the other leg and repeat. Work your way up to cycling your breath 10 or 20 times over the next several weeks whenever you have the time. Make it fun, be mindful, be gentle and change it up to keep it interesting.

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