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4 Seasons Chi Kung
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Join to learn this ancient health rejuvenating exercise to experience a boost in your health!
Promote longevity, develop a deeper mind-body connection, improve balance, increase awareness, sharpen mental focus, and realize a deeper level of relaxation.
4 Seasons Chi Kung - Winter Set
Winter Set

Kidney | Low Back | Hips | | Knees | Legs

This set of movements corresponds to the contracting nature of the Winter season. storing up of energy for the upcoming year and can influence the TCM Kidney system, lower back region and the legs.

4 Seasons Chi Kung - Summer Fall Set
Summer & Fall Set

Heart / Lungs | Upper Body (Chest & Back) |  Arms

The movements in this 4 Seasons Chi Kung set are similar for both Summer and Fall seasons but the breathing techniques and mindful intent differs. The Summer season corresponds to the TCM Heart & Small Intestine systems whereas the Fall season corresponds to the TCM Lungs & Large Intestine. Intent is focused on countering summer heat and falls natural contracting and drying nature to maintain or restore balance. Practicing this set can help improve Qi & blood flow for respiratory & cardio vascular function and also benefit the upper body, chest and arms.

4 Seasons Chi Kung - Spring Set
Spring Set

Liver | Joints | Flank region

The movements in this 4 Seasons Chi Kung set corresponds to the natural rising and warming of the Spring season. Supporting a smooth and consistent rising of yang energy during this time can have a positive influence on the TCM Liver system, joints and the sides of the body (flank region).

4 Seasons Chi Kung - Extended Summer Set
Extended Summer Set

Spleen | Triple Burner | Digestive system | Whole Body | Extremities | Center-Spine & Neck

This 4 Seasons Chi Kung set refers to a 5th season – a hidden season that is fundamental, centering & transitionally supportive. This set is practiced throughout the year as a centering foundation to support the body through the energetic transitions occurring from one season to the next. This set supports the TCM Spleen-Pancreas & Stomach function to transform & transport nourishment formed in the center of the body out to the extremities.

What makes this program different?

This ​program offers online access to instructional videos so you can learn at your own pace. ​NOTE: This program was initially setup as a membership program but now is simply offered as 4 individual Chi kung forms that can be specially combined to support the body throughout the yearly seasonal changes.

The 4 Seasons Chi Kung Online program contains 4 sets of health rejuvenating exercises to promote health based on the traditional Chinese medical principles related to 5 Elements (Wu Xing or 5 phases). Chi Kung (Qigong) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognize the adverse influences on health by the contracting and expanding forces of nature throughout the year. Learn how to perform and combined these sets in a specific order to influence the energetic function of corresponding organs and body regions. Support your health through the changing of the seasons.

TCM Organ System and Corresponding Season

Seasonal Set / TCM Organ Influence

  • Winter set / Kidney
  • Spring set / Liver
  • Summer & Fall set / Heart & Lungs
  • Extended Summer set / Spleen-Stomach (related to digestion) & Triple Burner

Tips on Getting Started!

Start by learning the Extended Summer set – this is the core set which is practice throughout the year.

Next, learn or review 1 of the courses matching the current season (winter, spring, summer/fall). You will be able to synchronize your practice with the unfolding energy of the season and support your learning by participating in the online discussion group. In the 4 Seasons Chi Kung program you will be combining 2 sets – the Extended Summer set (core) and the current seasonal set together for most of the year. For example; during spring you will begin practice with the Extended Summer set (core) followed by the Spring Set. As you advance through the season, you will add a 3rd set associated with the upcoming season only during the last month of the current season. For example; near the last month of Spring’s end – May and June you will start practice with the Extended Summer set (core) followed by the Spring set and then the Summer set. You should consider seeking the advice of a trained health professional if you are unsure if these exercises are right for you.

Alternatively, you can make your set selection on any course based on your study needs. For example, to refresh your knowledge of the movements of a particular set or if you have any health-supporting interests outside the current seasonal pattern.

All membership options include these additional program resources listed below:

Coming Soon! - Course Quiz – after completing a course you can take the course quiz to test your knowledge. Each course quiz contains multiple choice questions. The questions are chosen to emphasize aspects of the course material that the instructors deems important to grasp for learning. You will find the quiz listed on the final lesson of each course.

Coming Soon! - Certificate of Completion – By completing the course and successfully scoring 70% or better on the final course quiz you can earn a Certificate of Course Completion. Certificates of Completion can be printed out and saved. Your account will also maintain a record of this certificate in your profile.

4 Seasons Chi Kung Handouts

Printable Course Handouts with Step-by-step instructions to outline the movements.

4 Seasons Chi Kung Video Presentation

Several Video presentations to help you understand the 4 Seasons Chi Kung form with practice tips and important breathing techniques.

  • Practice Tips Presentation Video
  • Releasing Sounds Presentation Video

Stay connected for news, tips and notifications on live teaching events which will be held several times per year based on availability.

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