Recognizing Signs of Digestive Problems

Recognizing Signs of Digestive Problems

Digestion is a fundamental-beginning to good health. Recognizing signs of digestive problems is a necessity for prevention. When I inquire about eating habits with a patient who has made changes to their diet, often times they have incorrectly eliminated good foods from their diet because such foods caused digestive discomfort. The cause of having such eating difficulties or food intolerances may not be the food but a weakness in digestion. Young children and the elderly are known to have weak digestions and their diets need to be adjusted for optimal digestion. You may notice as you have aged you’re unable to eat the way you did when you were younger. Eating a large meal overwhelms your digestive system leaving you feeling tired, bloated and irritable. Alternatively you may eat an appropriate portion of food but some foods can be a challenge for a weak digestive system. It is also important to understand how certain food combination can strengthen or weaken digestion.

As a true practice in prevention, you should be aware of the following unusual signs of digestive problems: tiredness after eating, a sense of abdominal bloating and gas, loose stools particularly after eating, constipation (usual frequency should be once per day), difficulty in focusing and concentration, irregular energy levels (ups and downs vs steady energy), difficulty sleeping, and irritability or moodiness.

Knowing which foods give you trouble can also help determine what areas of digestion are weak and need to be treated. There are natural solutions and many patients in my practice have found help. Digestion is a fundamental necessity to optimal health. Sometimes you may find yourself chasing symptoms but your foundation is weak and could very well be the root-cause. Such symptoms might not even be present if the foundation in your health was strong. Supplying the body with the nutrition it needs to maintain optimal body function can help fight off the constant drain stress has on your health. Don’t chase symptoms. Get to the root-cause of the problem and fix it naturally. Avoid artificially propping up your health with stimulants and band-aids that never address the root-cause.

If you’re having digestive problems call for a consultation (219-6446) to discuss your particular health concerns. Lets find some natural solutions that can truly help restore your vitality. Also consider checking out my 21 Day Purification Program – lose some weight, experience more energy and feel great! I do this program twice a year for myself – it works! Consider trying something new to optimize your health as your new year’s resolution for 2015!


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