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Something for You – All 3 Video’s | Break Free From The Emotional Drain Game

I’ve put together a FREE 3 part video series that I want to share with you called

Break Free From The Emotional Drain Game

More concepts to share on health awareness and disease prevention!

I think you’ll find this video series contains some important health tips and benefits so if you haven’t signed up already check it out.

If you have signed up and have already viewed the first 2 video’s, just know that the 3rd and final video is ready for viewing. Just use the sign up page again and it will direct you back to this video series and click on the link for video #3.

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In this video series I’ll share important awareness and preventive tips for optimizing your health.

Video #1 brings awareness to an important root cause to most health issues

Video #2 I’ll share 4 natural self-care tips you can do for yourself based on good old tradition and ancient wisdom. These easy-to-do tips will deepen your mind-body connection for greater health.

In Video #3, we’ll dive into the concept to Break Free From The Emotional Drain Game and explore emotional energy patterns and their influences on your physical body, internal organs and overall health.

I recommend viewing all 3 video’s in order to better understand the concepts as they are presented through the series.

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I love to share and teach about topics on natural healthcare based on the health rejuvenating principles of traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Let’s have a conversation – give me some feedback and tell me what interests you most.

At the bottom of each video you’ll be able to add a comment or question and I’ll be glad to respond.

Here’s wishing you the best in health!

Dr Chris


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