Tai Chi & Chi Kung Forms

Chi Kung and Tai Chi Forms Offered

Medical Chi Kung forms are a higher level form of Chi Kung used to target specific organs and functions in the body to promote health. There are also Chi Kung forms that are not so specific and are considered laymen exercises for general health.

Chi Kung Five Animal Sports

  • Five Animal Sports or Frolics (Wu Qin Xi)
  • Medical Chi Kung
  • One of the most ancient and popular Chi Kung forms
  • Over 2000 years old
  • Imitating the movements and spirit of the Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey, and Bird
  • Energizes, strengthens and promote longevity
  • Creator – credit is given to the famous Chinese physician Hua To (110-207 A.D)
  • Balances and harmonizes specific organs
  • Promotes health through seasonal change
  • Based on Five Elements

Four Seasons Chi Kung (Si Ji Gong)

  • Medical Chi Kung
  • Promote health through seasonal change
  • Balances and harmonizes specific organs
  • Based on Five Elements

Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin)

  • Ba Duan literally translates as “Eight Sections” while Jin means “Brocade”. The name can also be translated as Eight Strands of Silk Brocade, or Eight Pieces of Brocade

General Health / Loosening Exercises – Chi Kung

  • A sequence full of a large variety of individual movements to benefit the muscular-skeletal structure, promote flexibility, relieve stress and rehabilitate injury.
  • General sequence for general maintaince of health
  • Understanding how to combine individual movements to promote circulation and benefit health and healing.
  • This sequence can be re-sequenced for each individual depending on individual health concerns.

Hard Style Wai Dan Chi Kung

  • More physical
  • Strengthening the exterior

Eight Silken Forms

Small Circulation Meditation

  • Nei Dan – Internal work
  • Beginners level

Grand Circulation Meditation

  • Nei Dan – Internal work
  • Advanced Level

Four Gates Breathing

Normal Abominal Breathing

  • Beginners Level – Regulating the breath

Reverse Abdominal Breathing

  • Advanced Level – Regulating the breath

Embryonic Breathing

  • Advanced Technique

Body Joint Breathing

  • Promote health and deep relaxation

Four Directions Chi Kung

  • Beginners level
  • easy to remember and practice.

Postural Alignment Techniques

  • Beginners level

Tai Chi Ch’uan Chi Kung (Taijiquan Qigong) Primary Set – Taijiquan Qi Gong

Coiling Set – Taijiquan Qi Gong

Taijiquan (Yang Style)

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program

Chan Si Gong (Silk Reeling Exercises)/ Chan Si Jin (Silk Reeling Skill.)

  • Develops coiling strength or twining power.
  • This skill is the basis for all movement and power in Tai Chi.