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Have You Updated Your Herbs and Supplements?

Have You Updated Your Herbs and Supplements lately?

I love to see my patients taking a proactive role in their health. I love to hear stories about them changing their diet or trying new exercises. I also love to hear about them educating themselves on herbs and supplements that are health supportive.

I have concerns when I see patients loaded up on lots of herbs and supplements without professional guidance. Here’s why…

The body is dynamic and ever changing. Health issues change and so should your supplements and herbs for optimal support. Making the right changes can also help you avoid any unnecessary side effects.

You may have caught a cold that changes the state of your health. You may have an unintended stressful work week and develop new health concerns like headaches, poor sleep or poor digestion. You may have physically overexerted yourself and developed muscle or joint strain.

All of these are changes in your health. Current herbs and supplements that you are taking may actually work against your body’s natural abilities to heal and slow your ability to restore health and regain balance.

Supplements and herbs need to be updated when your health changes.

There are three phases of healthcare that need to be recognized before deciding on the right therapy including herbs and supplements.

Phase 1: Acute – a recent change in your health often requiring different therapy (different Herbs and supplements) to restore balance in your health.

Phase 2: Stabilizing – a transition phase where an acute problem has lessened but full recovery is not reached – you can experience setbacks or ups and downs – again requiring different therapy (different herbs and supplements) to stabilize condition and encourage balance.

Phase 3: Maintenance – your state of health is stable and more in balance (no more need for stabilizing therapy) – and this phase also requires a different supportive therapy or regiment of herbs and supplements to maintain balance.

If you are unsure what phase you’re in or how to modify your herbs and supplements based on your health concerns, consider contacting my office for some professional guidance. I offer herbal and whole-food supplement consultations. We can do a complete evaluation on your health based on natural and traditional therapeutic principles to make sure you’re on the best path for your health.


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