Weight Gain and Low Back Pain

Today’s self-care tip is about weight gain and lower back pain. As I briefly covered in a previous tip, stress can lead to emotional eating which can lead to weight gain and low back pain. Let’s focus on how excess weight in the abdominal region can put a strain on the low back.

In the medical practice of acupuncture there are meridians or channels of qi or energy flowing through the body. Along these channels or as I like to call them “lines of influence” lie acupuncture points. These points have an influence on qi flow and the health of the body. Now along the center line of the back is a meridian also known as the Governing vessel. The Governing vessel basically follows the spine. There is an important acupuncture point just below the 2nd lumbar vertebrae of the lower back on this Governing vessel called Mingmen or “life gate”. The life gate is an energetic doorway to the center or source of our qi. Qi from this point fills and influences the pathway of the Governing vessel throughout the spine. As we stand erect there is an inward or forward arching curvature of the lumbar spine. This curve, if excessive, can squeeze off circulation to the low back region and block the beneficial influences of the Mingmen and the Governing vessel. Excessive belly weight can make this lumbar curve more pronounced in turn obstructing circulation and leading to low back pain. Men tend to hold excessive weight in the abdomen. This big ball of belly fat tends to be the hardest weight to lose but it can lead to big trouble – not only for low back pain but heart disease, strokes and more. If you have back pain and excess belly fat losing weight is going to be a big benefit. Some people gravitate towards exercise for weight loss but dieting is 80% of the solution.

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