Three Ways to get Negative Ion Benefits – Acu News 1.2 August 2017

Three Ways to get Negative Ion Benefits Negative ions can provide surprisingly positive effects on the body and mind. The negative ionization of waves near the beach, and other forms of moving water are known to cleanse both body and soul due to some unique scientific properties. Negative ions have been proven to enhance mood, […]

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milk lungs mucus yuk

Health Tips for Kids – Milk Lungs Mucus Yuk!

Milk Lungs Mucus Yuk! If your child or you as an adult are dealing with chronic respiratory problems that particularly involve excess mucus production, I suggest avoiding milk and other dairy products at all cost. At least temporarily for a month or two until you can get your health back on track. Dairy is hard […]

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sore muscles and electrolytes

Health Tips for Kids – Sore Muscles and Electrolytes

Do the little ones get sore muscles? Check this out. Occasionally, my 3rd grade daughter will complain about sore legs. It usually happens when she overdoes it activity-wise but at first I wasn’t catching on to it. One day she had a challenging event in gym class at school. She came home and said, “ […]

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TCM and Summer Foods – Acu News 1.1 August 2017

TCM and Summer Foods Summer is a time of abundant energy, long sunshine-filled days and warmth. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), summer has many different associations that help define it. The element of summer is fire, the color of summer is red, the emotion of summer is joy and the governing organs are the heart […]

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fermented foods and intestinal health

Intestinal Health and Fermented Foods

Try Fermented Foods for Greater Intestinal Health The modern world is changing every single day. Because of this constant state of change, our bodies are frequently having to adjust.  We have a food supply being degraded and depleted of nutritional content, which in turn, causes our bodies to become depleted. Our soil and water is […]

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Acupuncture for Crohn’s Disease – Acu News July 2017

Try Acupuncture for Crohn’s Disease Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disease that affects nearly 780,000 Americans. People with Crohn’s disease can experience periods of severe symptoms followed by periods of what seems like remission. This seesaw effect can happen indefinitely, as there is currently no known cure for Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease was discovered in […]

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Sleeping in your own bed

Health Tips for Kids – Sleeping in Your Own Bed

Are you sleeping in your own bed? I’ve seen parents on the fence about whether to let their children sleep with them or have them sleeping in their own bed. Of course, getting sleep is a priority for health and any disruptions need to be limited but I think there can be special exceptions that […]

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boo boo kisses and band-aids

Health Tips for Kids – Boo Boo Kisses and Band-Aids

Boo Boo Kisses and Band-Aids are comforting and help form great family bonds. Here’s a fun tip! There are important moments that strengthen the bonds between parents and their children. Sometimes though, these important moments are overlooked and disregarded because there are so many other apparently important things to focus on in our stressful, fast-pace […]

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cancer survivors wanted

Cancer Survivors Wanted for Study

Cancer Survivors Wanted for Study on Well-Being The Vitality Project / Sponsors are Lifespan and Brown Women between ages 18 and 70 may be eligible. 10 weeks of classes on different wellness practices in Fall 2017 You will be compensated for your participation Call 401-863-6272 Email: SPREAD THE WORD! / Post the photo below […]

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Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

New Title! Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Rhode Island

There has been a change for the professional title of acupuncture in Rhode Island. The professional title of an acupuncturist practicing in Rhode Island was “Doctor of Acupuncture (DA)”. This has changed. Legislation and the Department of Health have updated the title to be “Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” (DAOM). Trained DAOM’s offer a […]

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