health tips for kids

Health Tips for Kids – Know What to Look For

These health tips for kids can also be helpful for adults. Here’s the first of a new series of natural health articles I’ve put together focused on Natural Health Tips for Kids. If you know of someone who may find these tips useful please forward this info. Let people know they can sign up for […]

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acupuncture for addiction

Acupuncture for Addiction

Trying to kick a bad habit? Have you tried Acupuncture for Addiction? Addiction can be defined as a strong and harmful need to regularly take something such as a drug or do something such as gamble. As you can see, addiction can come in many different forms.  People can be addicted to illicit drugs like […]

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acid reflux heart burn tip

Acid Reflux Heart Burn – Quick Tip

If you are annoyed by Acid Reflux or Heart Burn, try this quick tip! Acid reflux is a burning sensation or discomfort that moves up from the stomach into the chest and is often referred to as heart burn. Some people with acid reflux also experience difficulty swallowing or a chronic cough. In Traditional Chinese […]

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quick tips for stress

7 Quick Tips for Stress

7 Quick Tips for Stress Management Be aware of your body’s warning signs – headaches, body aches and pains, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, digestive problems, emotional imbalances, feelings of frustration, irritability and anger. Many people, when asked will say yes they have stress but their handling it well. This is a survival tactic that the mind […]

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Acupuncture and Colon Cancer | Acunews March 2017 1.1

Acupuncture and Colon Cancer plus Five foods to Avoid

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holistic thinker

Can You See The Big Picture? Are You A Holistic Thinker?

Are you a big picture person? Are you a holistic thinker? Look at the open hand and guess how many you see? If you are a big picture person or a holistic thinker you could see 9. Confused? Please read on… Awareness is important, not only in health but in life in general. There is […]

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