Why Herbs and Supplements Do Not Work

3 Reasons Why Your Herbs and Supplements Do Not Work

3 Reasons Why Your Herbs and Supplements Do Not Work

There are many factors to consider when treating specific health conditions with specific herbs and supplements.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a pattern-based medicine instead of a disease-based medicine. An evaluation identifies signs and symptoms that are combined together to form a unique pattern or diagnosis for an individual. Treatment targets this pattern. In Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine individual herbs are chosen based on the therapeutic effects they have on the identified signs and symptoms. These herbs are combined into an herbal formula to treat the pattern of signs and symptoms.

Supplements are therapeutically used to support your nutritional intake. Important nutrients that may not be sufficiently acquired through regular eating can be supplemented. Supplements can optimize body function if you’re not feeding your body properly. Excessive demands or stresses can drain and deplete your body and your health. Supplements can make all the difference in how you feel and how your body functions. When it comes to handling chronic stress you have two choices: #1 – Quit or #2 – support your body the best you can to survive the stress and  nutritional supplements can help.

Many people listen to the radio, read articles and pick up tips on herbs and supplements but this a low level of care that may prove to be ineffective and probably won’t help at all without guidance from a trained professional. Trained professionals not only understands herbs and supplements but also understand what’s needed for your specific health concerns.

Make sure your health practitioner has formal training in the specific herbs and supplements they offer. Not all acupuncturists are trained in Chinese Herbology or nutritional supplements so make sure you ask.

When you buy herbal formulas or supplements from a trained professional you not only pay for the products, you pay for their expertise, you pay for their knowledge in the best uses of those products, you pay for their experience within a clinic practice, you pay for knowing the best products for your health needs, you pay for knowing the best manufacturers, you pay for their knowledge in the best quality. And when your condition changes so should your herbs and supplements. And having the professional guidance to determine when to change can make all the difference.

3 Reasons Why Your Herbs and Supplements Do Not Work

1 Incorrect Dosage and frequency

Herbs and supplements will not work sufficiently if you are not taking the correct dosage. Herbs and supplements are more natural and often considered close to food. There’s no messing around with time-release capsules that are highly concentrated and more concerning. Natural herbs and supplements need to be taken more frequently at a higher dose more so than you might commonly think. Some herbs and supplements need to be taken for months before experiencing benefits. Some herbs and supplements should not be taken for too long to avoid undesirable effects. A typical frequency is 2 to 3 times per day. Some patients have poor digestion that limits nutrient absorption resulting in little to no benefits therapeutically. You could be spending money on an effective product but becomes ineffective if you don’t dose properly.

2 Incorrect Usage or Diagnosis

Are your herbs and supplements correctly selected for your specific health needs? I often meet new patients who self-diagnose and have built a rather large daily regiment of supplements that are conflicting, unnecessary or just simply too much. I had a patient who came too me with anxiety and instead of giving them more herbs and supplements I correctly identified the problem – too many herbs and supplements overwhelming their system, overheating their body and making them feel agitated as if they were drinking 2 pots of coffee per day. The treatment plan was simple – eliminate all herbs and supplements, eat well, sleep well and see you in 2 weeks. The results: no more anxiety. I had a patient who was getting headaches but didn’t consider their chronic constipation to be a factor. An herbal formula helped. The constipation and the headaches dissipated. What’s more, diet changes naturally eliminated the constipation and an herbal formula was no longer needed. I told a patient to take a supplement 3 times a day. After 2 weeks the patient still struggled with digestive problems. When I asked them if they were taking the supplement they admitted they only took a couple of doses. They don’t work if you don’t take them. I guided and coached them into being consistent and after a few days the digestive bloating was gone. They were happy. I love to see my patients smiling!

3 Harmful Processing Destroys Quality

When you overcook your food it not only loses it’s taste but it also loses it’s nutritional value. Processing can potential destroy the therapeutic value of herbs and supplements if not done properly. Knowing best practices in processing and choosing the best manufacturers based on their processing can be the key to identifying products that work and others that don’t. This is why I recommend supplements that are based on whole foods – less processing, more closer to natural.

The bottom line: As we get older and with the constant daily drip of stress, our health changes. Support is needed to match those changes. If you want support for your health in the best possible way, if you want to feel your best in health, seek out the help of a trained professional who can coach and guide you.

When it comes to your health wouldn’t you want professional advice based on best practices, effective products, formal training and experience?

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