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Become an Affiliate & Offer Greater Health with Nature's Healing Wellness Programs

As an affiliate, earn 50% of the purchase price on any Nature's Healing Wellness Programs by simply promoting these programs to your clients and patients.

A Simple 1-2-3 Process: Step 1. Register as an Affiliate Step 2. Promote programs - copy & paste your unique affiliate link on your website or hand it out to clients/patients Step 3. After a referring client or patient purchases a program you earn 50% paid out monthly.

Check Out Our Wellness Programs Below:

4 seasons chi kung

4 Seasons Chi Kung Online Program

  • Balance and Strengthen your Qi (vital energy)
  • 5 Element based principles
  • 4 Separate forms influencing different organs and body regions through seasonal change.
  • Create a online and public community around this program - Various Options: sell memberships, learn and teach the forms, offer physical therapy tips based on the movements and principles.
  • Dr Chris has a vision of creating a world wide community around this form - be a teacher of the form in your local community; sell memberships to clients and patients; grow and connect seeking greater health

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7 Emotions Meditations

This wellness program offers 7 pre-recorded audio meditations and supporting information sold individually or as a set.

This meditation series, designed by Dr Chris, contains special body, mind and breathing techniques based on tai chi chuan and chi kung practices. Dr Chris will guide the listener step by step through these special meditative techniques.

Consistent practice can help restore, balance and reverse the disturbing influences often experienced from negative energy patterns of the 7 emotions commonly recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Christopher Carlow, Doctor of Acupuncture
Christopher Carlow, D. Ac.
Nature's Healing Programs Director

About Christopher Carlow, D. Ac.

Dr. Chris is licensed as a Doctor of Acupuncture and has a holistic wellness clinic located in Coventry, Rhode Island. Dr Chris believes the keys to experiencing greater health is in promoting awareness and early prevention. He offers wellness programs based on the time-honored health supporting practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, tai chi (taijiquan), chi kung (qigong), meditation, herbal medicine, diet therapy and stress management.

Dr. Chris

I have a vision of building an online community of friends focused on promoting higher levels of awareness and prevention for greater health and well-being. I created these wellness programs not only as self-care tools but to create a community of like-minded people who want to come together, connect and share their experiences. Affiliates who become practitioners and teachers of these programs will help build this community and together we will grow as healers and spread the good vibrations of wellness.

Become a Nature's Healing Affiliate & Promote Greater Health!

There are different ways to benefit from being an affiliate

  1. 1. Simply promote any program and earn 50% of the purchase price.
  2. 2. As a Registered Affiliate you can purchase any online membership or product at a reduced rate - 50% OFF.
  3. 3. As a 4 Seasons Chi Kung Online member you'll have access to Dr Chris and his teachings on the movements.
  4. 2. Learn 4 Seasons Chi Kung and create your own local public classes or online classes; join Dr Chris's private online group; and/or teach the healing principles within your practice for your clients and patients.