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Affiliate FAQs


Does it cost a fee to register as an affiliate? Nope. There's no fee for registering.

Do I have to purchase the Wellness Programs to promote and sell them? No, but by doing so you will have a better understanding of the benefits of the Wellness Programs.

How does the affiliate program work? You register as an affiliate. After login, visit the link called "Creatives" on your Dashboard. Here you will find your special referral ID code that identifies you as the referring affiliate. Copy and paste the special referral code onto your website or in your business handouts or advertising. This referral code will be used to track clients or patients that have been referred by you to the Nature's Healing website. When they purchase a Wellness Program our system will give you credit for the referral and a referral fee will be processed to your affiliate account.

How much of a referral fee can I earn as an affiliate? We offer affiliates 50% of the purchase price of any and all Wellness Programs not including special sales that occur periodically.

Is there a minimum that needs to be met before you send me a referral fee? Yes, you have to accumulate at least $20 before you will be paid.

How often are referral fee payments made to affiliates? You need to have a minimum of $20 earned through referrals before receiving a payment. Payments will be sent out on a monthly basis as long as there is a balance due.

What form will I receive my referral fees? When registering you will be able to choose to receive your referral fees by check or by paypal.​ If you choose paypal you will need to set up a free personal account. Its a simple process.

Do you have to live in the United States to be an affiliate and receive referral fees? Currently, the affiliate program is only for US residents because of complications with international money exchange. This may change in the near future.

Can I receive an affiliate discount on Wellness Programs as a registered affiliate? Yes, you can any Wellness Program in our store at a 50% discount. You're encourage to do so. It's important to understand and connect with Dr Chris directly on how these Wellness Programs work and how they can be beneficial for promoting greater health.

How can I learn more about the Wellness Programs? It's recommended to visit and read through all the Wellness Programs listed under the Online Courses | Products link. You can also contact Dr Chris directly to inquire about specifics and suggestions. In addition, the chi kung membership programs have messaging abilities to directly contact Dr Chris within the course modules. Also, Dr Chris will have video's and articles coming soon to explain in more detail how you can best use the Wellness Programs and how he uses the Wellness Programs within his clinic called - Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.