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Health tips based on the time-honored principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Menstrual Cycle

Menstruation is an important indicator regarding feminine health. Under oriental medical guidelines good health can be compared with a smooth flowing circulation within the body in reference to the many bodily functions. Diet, mental-emotional aspects, bowel habits, posture, breathing, environmental conditions, lifestyle, and cardio output are some of the many aspects that rely on smooth […]

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Women’s Health – The Menstrual Cycle

Observing good patterns in sleep, diet and exercise encourages good health. Being aware of irregular patterns associated with the menstrual cycle can also help women identify imbalances and take preventative measures. The Uterine Cycle (Menstrual Cycle) has three phases: Menstrual Phase, Proliferation Phase, and Secretory Phase. The Menstrual Phase (commonly called the period) begins on […]

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Healthy Diet Habits

It’s hard to maintain healthy diet habits in a fast-paced society that has redefined a meal as something that must be convenient and quick. Modern conveniences like microwave ovens and drive-thrus have quickened our eating pace. Business lunches have turned a much need break into a continuation of work activities. Even eating while watching TV […]

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Exercise Methods – Relaxation – Flexibility – Strengthening

THE EXERCISE METHODS OF RELAXATION, FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTHENING There are three methods of exercise that should be emphasized to aid in rehabilitation or general maintenance of our bodies – Relaxation, Flexibility, and Strengthening. All to often people don’t follow these simple guidelines and pursue exercise that only leads to injury. Integrating these three methods are […]

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Good Health is Good Circulation

In the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine the concept of good health is good circulation in regards to lifestyle patterns and body functions. Healthy circulation should be smooth and balanced without obstruction. When our bodily functions or lifestyle patterns are obstructed or irregular, pain and disease can result. There are many negative conditions that […]

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chronic back pain

Chronic Back Pain – Structure and Treatment

Chronic back pain, particularly low back pain is a common complaint by many of my patients as an acupuncturist. The causes and treatment choices are numerous. Surgery should be considered a last resort especially when diagnostic procedures i.e. X-rays do not reveal structural damage. Chiropractic treatment is beneficial in treating back pain as well as […]

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meditation regulating the breath

Meditation – Regulating the Breath

Meditation – Regulating the Breath For a beginner, meditation can be difficult to grasp because it’s replete with subtlety. Effort and ego needs to be replaced with patience and stillness. When treating a patient with acupuncture, I also like to offer self-care advice to improve health. Meditation is one of these self-care techniques. One way […]

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Finding Balance in Health | Yin and Yang

When I consult with a new patient I find it helpful to explain Yin Yang Theory so they can better understand the diagnosis based on Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) which includes acupuncture. This symbol represents natural balance – two opposites coming together in harmony. On the left is Yang – rising and accumulating towards the […]

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Sugar and Emotions are Connected

Sugar and emoitions are connected. Some people going through feelings such as anxiety and depression will self-medicate unknowingly with sugar. The problem here is that sugary snacks are high in calories and low in nutrients. So if you’re looking to gain weight, starve your body of good nutritional food and feel terrible – sugar is […]

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