stress management

Stress Management Workshop

Stress Management – Identifying Stress Factors and Methods of Relief

“It is estimated that 75-90% of visits to primary care physicians are for stress induced complaints, many of which can be alleviated by appropriate stress reduction techniques.” (The American Institute of Stress)

Awareness is the first step to identifying how stress impacts health mentally, emotionally and physically. These stress factors can be debilitating eventually leading to chronic health issues.

Many health professionals view stress as a beginning to many of today’s modern health issues. This lecture will offer an alternative view on the impact of stress on health and some simple techniques to promote relief based on the time-honored principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi Kung.

Stress Management Lecture Overview

  • Defining Stress – Eastern / Western Medical View
  • Principles of Health and Good Circulation (Mental, Emotional and Physical Factors)
  • Yin Yang Theory (discovering balance for health)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chi Kung (experienced based principles)
  • Physical Postural
  • Respiratory Health
  • Mind – Emotion – Spirit: Mental Clarity and Focus, Emotional Imbalances
  • Relationships (supportive and connective principles)
  • Observation – Monitoring health for signs of stress
  • Stress Management and Relief Techniques – Simple & Easy

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